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Cissus RX


Hi All. Just wanted to ask if anyone has used Cissus RX before for joint strength. I have read many positive threads and reviews and thinking of trying it. I am already taking quite a lot of fish oil, and have tried Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM and didn't feel too much difference.



Cissus is some awsome stuff, I have had chronic elbow pain for over a year, my left wrist made it impossible to curl, and I ruptured my pec 4 weeks ago. I've been taking 8 caps a day for the past16 days and my elbow is at 100%, wrist is at about 75% and my chest appears to be almost completely healed! I am going to 4 caps a day for maintenance and plan on continuing taking forever! Solid product.


I've been struggling with biceps tendonitis and just started taking Cissus RX. I've been taking 4 caps a day for about a week now. I feel slightly better, but it still hurts. Would taking 6 or 8 caps a day make a difference?



Courtesy of the label on the bottle: 2 doses of 3 capsules (0.6 gram each) is recommended per day.
I would wait till the 2 week mark before deciding to maintain 4 caps/day or increase the dosage.

And yes, Cissus is great stuff.


I agree, give it some time. I started at 8 a day (250lbs) and it took a good 8 days to notice any effect. It's not a maricle either, just slowly got better and I went to do triceps and was suprised I didn't have shooting pains in my elbow. Also of note was that it has been sore to the touch since I can remember, pain is completely gone now.

Anyone know where you can get this stuff in bulk powder form? I've looked all over and can't find it.


It says 2 caps twice a day on the Cissus bottle I have. The caps are 1.2 grams each though.


there was a thread started on here about a year or so ago hyping the shit out of this stuff

i did some research ... turns out it was one or a few guys with a bunch of screen names ... they got the T-Mag Mod purple boot up their arses

but cissus is great ... i take it anally after pumping up with a set of sissy squats


Say what you want, but I've had great success with it, and I've tried every version of Glucosime and joint supps out there. Cissus works for me!


Interesting. They must have increased the capsule size. I would still wait till the 2 week mark before changing anything.


I have no experiance with Cissus, fish oil in at a fairly high dose usually gets takes care of my reacuring muscle ache.

But wanted to add I think one of the main uses of Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM is as a preventative measure, it can help repair joints but it takes quite some time.


I've been wanting to try this one as well & have heard only postive things about it. Been taking Elastamine for 8 weeks now & it's amazing!

If you were to stack those two it would be the ultimate.


I like cissus a lot. It really eases pain for me. It works better than ibuprofen on my neck pain.
I usually load for a few days with up to 12 and then go to 4 or 6/day.
I notice increase pumps but the pain killing is why I really like it.

It's purported to build tendon/ligaments. I don't know how you can tell that but it definitely eases pain. Which you should actually be somewhat cautious of in the sense that if you take it and feel better, it doesn't mean you are better just yet, so take it easy. Even if it does build tendons/ligaments it doesn't do it in a day. But it kills pain fast, so you feel better but your not so just keep that in mind when you decide to kill yourself in the gym or on the field.