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Cissus Quadrangularis


Soooo i just ordered some cissus quadrangularis because i was doing some research on its benefits. here are the already known benefits:
-Obesity and weight loss. Developing research shows that taking a specific Cissus quadrangularis combination product (Cylaris, Iovate Health Sciences Research) or taking a specific Cissus quadrangularis extract (CQR-300) reduces weight in obese and overweight people.
-Heart disease risk factors that occur together (metabolic syndrome).
-High cholesterol.
-Bone fractures.
-Upset stomach.
-Stomach ulcers.
-Menstrual discomfort.
-Other conditions.

Now the key issue here is one of my main sources has been WebMD. there is "insufficient evidence" to state these benefits but there IS evidence. The main purpose of this post is to see what are others thoughts on this supplement, if anyone else has used it before and if there can be any other sources or studies added that ya'll have came across before (especially ones pertaining to long term use)


I started using it when i developed bicep tendonitis last year. its amazing. Since implementing i only get tendonitis if i stop taking it. I had stopped for a while then last week i went ice climing/ heavy chest day/ rock climbing three days in a row. my tendons were SORE. started my cissus right back up and upped the fish oil and BAM back to normal in 2 days.


I used it once to see if it helped with some ankle tendon irritation. Im not sure if it made any difference, but Im thinking about giving it a second go as a prophylactic. Expensive though.

What dosage do you do? Cycle?



I miracle treatment that can cure anything under the sun; be skeptical.


I've taken it for sore joints in the past. It does seem to work as an anti-inflammatory but won't fix any underlying problem (you may go back to feeling the way you did before you were on it when you come off).


Used it a few years ago, during a course in West Virginia. Daily rucking in the mountains, and I mmanaged to stave off any joint soreness for the time I was there. I came off it when I got home, and my knees KILLED. My ATC at the time agreed with my suspicion that I had bruised the bones in both knees(tib/femur). Took about three months+ before I could run pain free.

But the cissus definitely helped at the time, just a bit too expensive for me to use regularly. Curcumin and piperine is cheaper, and does the job. I recommended it to a friend of my wife's who has RA. When she started taking it, she was able to get off the Humera and a couple other drugs she was taking.


500 mg every 3 days. I was taking it every day when i had first gotten it but found it to dehydrate me in conjuction with the creatine im taking. tinkered with it and found every 3 days to be best. also i just got the shipment about 2-3 weeks ago so im looking to cycle it 6-8 weeks and take 2 off to notice any differences.


i never would have thought there would be a "miracle supp" like this around but i had a similar experience to yours. I play a lot of basketball and my shin splints were just about gone after 2 days of LAX ball pressing/rolling and the cissus.