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Cissus for Nagging Injuries?


I have some pretty nagging injuries that have kept me out of the gym for well over 4 months. It was tennis elbow in both arms, and Golfers elbow in my right arm. About a week ago I noticed what I thought to be early signs tendonosis/itis in my left triceps (irritation to touch).

Anyway, I heard about super cissus rx and its ability to heal tendons. So I picked some up on Sunday and started taking 2 pills 3x per day yesterday. My question is when will I start to feel the healing effects of super cissus rx?




I've used it, I don't now if it's a placebo effect, because I used Super Cissus Rx and it helped within 4 days, but soo did super cheap bulk cissus. I've had just as good results using fish oil and Now SUPER DHA 500 fish oil. In the long run Flameout is probably cheaper and better.

But, supposedly you can super dose the cissus (take like 12 grams a day) and it has an anabolic effect.


I took Super Cissus Rx a while back. I didn't notice any differences in any of the areas I had pain. Seems like there is enough anecdotal evidence on the net to suggest it works at least for some people.

Good luck! Hope it works better for you, than it did for me.


Cissus shows great benefits in accelerating the repair of bone fractures. However, I am certain there is no evidence yet that it helps with soft tissue injuries. I started taking Prmaforce cissus a couple months ago as my hip had been hurting quite bad. There was no decrease of pain, but as it turned out I had a pretty serious injury (torn labrum) so I cannot say for sure whether it would help those with different injuries.


You are supposed to take way more than the bottle recomends for it to really work.


if irondogs gammy elbow n other stuff aint cleared up now ( after a year and a half) then cissus sucks


long live irondog