Cisco's Training Log

I have logged here going back a couple years ago.

I’m in my upper 40’s and I’ve been lifting continuously for about five years, give or take. The amount of training ADD, overthinking, and program hopping is painful to look back on. It really killed progress over the years and i had actually began to regress a decent amount in overall strength levels about a year or so ago.

But a few months ago I decided to give Conjugate Methodology a go and it’s been the perfect antidote to all of that and I’ve been making solid progress again.

A few groups and individuals that have been influential in recent months are Conjugate Tactical (I’m a patreon member for them), Matt Wenning, Dave Tate, WSBB in general, and others.

I also work in a correctional setting so that influences my training.

So, for Day One of my training log it was a Max Effort Lower Session.

Rack Pulls - Built to a heavy single that was practically a true max. This was at about 2 inches below my patella for the starting point. Followed with a couple of back off sets.

1 x 405 lbs
8 x 285
7 x 285

Front Squat

3 x 135 lbs
3 x 155
2 x 155
2 x 155
2 x 155

Reverse Hyper

4 x 10 x 170 lbs

Belt Squat

20 x 110 while adjusting stance width mid set. Mostly wide and wider today.

Step Ups with Kettlebells on each side

3 x 10
1 x 20

Superset with

Kettlebell RDL into a High Pull

4 x 10



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Max Effort Upper

Pin Press - Worked up with doubles then dropped to singles of 195, 205, and 215 lbs. These were essentially a full ROM movement. The pins were set that the bar was basically touching my chest but the weight of the bar setting on the pins.

Then one back off set of 8 x 150. On the back off set focused on limiting any leg drive.

Seated DB OHP - 4 x 8 x 35’s

Tricep Press Machine - 2 x 15 x 100, 1 x 10 x 100

Cable Triceps Push Down Drop Set - Began at 120 and removed one plate with 15 seconds rest for five total sets.

During the first three exercises i superset with Cable Face Pulls for sets of 10. About 13 sets in total.


Added in a mini workout today to get in a little more pulling.

Ascending sets of 5 on Lat Pulldowns up to 160 lbs.

Straight Barbell Curls 3 x 10 x 65

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Dynamic Effort Lower

Wide Stance Box Squat 10 x 2 with 235 lbs of straight weight and Red Mini Band double banded on each side.

Box Squats 2 x 5 Standing at estimated 25-26 inches

Seated Box Jumps 1 x 5 at the same height

Seated Box Jumps 1 x 3 at estimated 28-30 inches I think it’s a 30 inch box. Not entirely sure.

Deadlifts 8 x 1 with 275 lbs of straight weight and Mini Black Band on each side.

On these I used multiple variations. First two were Sumo. Second two were modified Sumo. Next two were Conventional. Last two were with a one inch deficit and with a narrow stance.

Belt Squat 1 x 20 x 120 varying the stance mid set. Began at shoulder width and moved them wider as I progressed.

Reverse Hyper 4 x 20 x 140

Reverse Lunges 2 x 5 with a 31 lb kettlebell in each hand.


Short easy cardio today. 19 min brisk walk on treadmill.

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If you haven’t already hit up the Conjuge Strong Facebook page run by AJ Robert’s.


Will do. Thank you!

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Dynamic Upper

Bench Press with 140 lbs straight weight and micro black band double banded on each side. 10 x 3

Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns 4 x 7 x 120

Superset with

Incline Dumbbell Press with a 3 second pause at the bottom. 4 x 6 x 50’s per side

Single Arm Landmine Press 5 x 10 x 45

Superset with

Pendlay Rows 5 x 3 x 185

Rolling Triceps

1 x 7 x 40’s
3 x 10 x 35’s

The first set of these weren’t pretty. Sketchy form but trying to overload a little on them to gradually move up in weight.


Max Effort Lower

Good Mornings (Low Bar) - 5 x 245 lbs straight weight + chain on each side

2 × 3 x 225 + chain

Zercher Squats 4 x 3 x 225

Reverse Hyper 4 x 10 x 180

Belt Squat 1 x 20 x 130 Varying stance width mid set

2 sets of climbing 20 steps with 35 lb KB in each hand.

Bodyweight ATG Squats 1 x 20

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Max Effort Upper

Bench Press - Worked up to 225. Back off sets of 2 x 5 x 155 and 2 x 5 x 160

Seated DB OHP 5 x 10 x 35’s

Williams Extensions 5 x 10 x 40’s

During the latter two exercises I superset Lat Pulldowns with a Mag Grip for sets of 7-8. Ten total sets.

This was a bit of a rush due to a family commitment and a slightly grumpy stomach this evening.

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Mini Workout

Barbell Shrugs

1 x 10 x 135 lbs
2 x 10 x 185
1 x 10 x 205

EZ Bar Curls

3 x 12 x 65

1 mile on teadmill brisk walk at low incline

Dynamic Lower

Very busy at the gym this evening so a couple of things weren’t available so i made a couple of adjustments.

The box i usually use for box squats wasn’t available so i just did regular squats. My depth is probably a bit lower on the regular squats so i dropped the weight a little, but not enough. They got too slow and i cut the sets by a couple.

Squat - 8 x 2 x 225 lbs straight weight plus double banded Mini Red Band on each side.

On deadlifts, the platform that is set up for bands was also not available. So i hooked the bands on the bar past the plates and stood on it. First time doing it this way. Due to this, all pulls were conventional.

10 x 1 x 295 lbs straight weight and with one Mini Black Band under feet.

Seated Box Jumps

1 x 3 x 25 in
2 x 3 x 30 in

Belt Squat - 1 x 21 x 130 adjusting stance twice mid set.

Reverse Hyper - 4 x 20 x 150 lbs

Sissy Squat - 1 x 15 x BW

Glute Ham Raises - Trying to get better at these. 1 x 10 x BW

My weak point for the squat is definitely out of the hole. And for deadlifts, regardless of type, is off the floor. It’s especially the case with Sumo.

Looking for ways to strengthen those areas. Going to begin rotating in some Anderson Squats.

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Dynamic Upper

Bench Press - 10 x 3 x 140 straight weight and double banded Micro Black Band

Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns 5 x 10 x 120

Superset with

DB OHP 4 x 45’s, 6 x 40’s, 6 x 40’s, 6 x 40’s, 6 x 40’s

Triceps Press Down Machine - 3 x 12 x 100, 1 x 7 x 100

Superset with

Red Mini Band Pull a parts

Cable Rope Curls - 20 x 75, 15 x 75, 14 x 75

Superset with

Cable Triceps Push Down - 20 x 90, 15 x 90, 15 x 90


Max Effort Lower

Anderson Squat - Worked up exclusively in singles to 3 x 1 x 225 lbs and 2 x 1 x 250 lbs.

Interestingly i had actually failed at 245 following the first single at 225. Couldn’t budge it. Went back down to 225 and I suspected I could move more…that it was a matter of proper position and setup. Then went up to 250 and hit it twice. The second single was easier than the first. These definitely expose my weak point being in the hole.

Good Mornings (High Bar) - 3 x 185, 4 x 4 x 205.

Went with a mid width stance on these today. Just a bit past shoulder width. I wasn’t at my primary gym that has more specialty bars. I was initially going to use a SSB but my back does not like those. If i was at my primary gym I would have used a cambered bar instead.

Leg Press - 2 x 20 x 270 added plate weight.

Seated Band Single Leg Curls - 3 x 25 with the Mini Red Band

Walking Lunges - One set of 50 total lbs for approximately 40 feet.


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15 combined chin ups and pull ups spread between a handful of sets.

30 minutes brisk walking on treadmill

Max Effort Upper

Floor Press with Chains - Worked up to a heavy double at 205 lbs straight weight and a chain on each side.

Back off sets - 9 x 155 + Chains, 9 x 145 + Chains

The chains i used are roughly 22 lbs each if fully off the ground. During the floor press I’m not sure how much weight it adds at full extension. Maybe half the total…just a guess.

Bent Over Rows ( Reverse Grip) - 5 x 10 x 145

Superset with

KB Upright Rows - 5 x 15 x 22 lb KBs.

Lateral Raises - 35 x 15 lb DB’s, 15 x 15 lb DB’s

Rolling Triceps - 10 x 40 lb DB’s, 12 x 35’s, 10 x 35’s, 10 x 35’s, 10 x 35’s

Superset with

Pushups - 10, 10, 10, 8, 6


Just some quick pulling and cardio today.

Lat Pulldowns with Neutral Grip

140 lbs 3/7 Method
130 lbs 3/7 Method

EZ Bar Curls

2 x 10 x 70

Treadmill Walking - One Mile at mild incline and between 3.5 and 3.7 mph

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