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Circumstantial AI Question

Don’t with pointless two cents.

Miscommunication resulted in me pinning 3ml of sus300 today. In two locations of course.
I haven’t experienced any sides at 600mg, but of course it was spread out in two equal portions within the wk.

Should I go ahead and administer ai(aromasin) eod starting tomorrow or wait for sides?

Don’t administer AI, chances are very slim that you’ll get gyno overnight. AI’s carry more risks than they do benefits in most circumstances, and I can’t understand why everyone is so happy to jump on them, estrogen isn’t a demon, it’s an important hormone required for optimal bone density, libido, neurological function, optimal lipid profiles and much more, I could go into length about why estrogen is important for these factors and different mechanisms in which estrogen effects the body however it would make (what I think will be) an already long post longer.

While you may be thinking “yea but were talking about estrogen levels in the normal range, mine are way above so clearly is isn’t good for me”, well your testosterone levels are also probably 4-5 times the top of the referance range, that isn’t great for you either. It’s all about the ratio of testosterone to estrogen that will equate to how you feel, now whether one will feel shit or like a demigod due to ridiculously high androgen/estrogen status at doses of 1.5 grams + I don’t know, but think of it like this, there is an equibrium our bodies need to feel good, take a guy who has a very high testosterone level, very low DHT and normal to low E2, estrone and estrogens various metabolites vs a guy with high testosterone, DHT and low E2 vs a guy with mid normal testosterone status with estrogen, DHT and downstream hormones (I’m not too educated on the concept of downstream hormones and where they need to be but I’ve come to realize they probably do play a large part with regard to how a person feels, physiolojik told me lol) being within acceptable ratios for his testosterone levels, which guy do you think will be feeling best, if you said guy number 1 or 2 would feel best… you’re probably wrong, because their ratios are out of wack, the same could be said if a dude had a normal testosterone level and an E2 3x the top of the ref range, then somethings wrong, in a case like this the case for use of an AI can be justified, or if one visibly has gyno, but to say “well shit I accidently pinned 3ml instead of 2ml” (and I understand accidents happen, one week I accidentally pinned 375mg instead of 250), without evidence of side effects is a terrible idea. Aromasin has a half life of about a day so if you crash ur estrogen with aromasin you’ll be suffering for at least five days… not worth it.

Another issue I have with people wanting to jump on AI’s is the fact that it means administering more drugs, the goal should always be to avoid adding more and more drugs and to get the best out of the minimum amount possible (of course there’s a limit to this, don’t want to be eeking whatever smidge of gains you can get out of 150mg/wk lol), but you get my drift, in general polypharmacy is frowned upon in the medical community, and yes I do believe this relates to stacking anabolic steroids (well, some of them, there probably isn’t much more of a heightened risk from 500mg test vs 250mg test 250mg eq aside from HCT/RBC issues, possible anxiety due to disturbed/altered neurotransmitters) but there’s def a higher chance of side effects from 250mg test 250mg tren than 500mg test.) Using testosterone with an AI exacerbate the impact on lipid profiles (which with test only tends to be mild) however with AI use HDL cholesterol can drop dramatically, which over the long run is an issue as HDL is the “good/protective” cholesterol. Granted I’m very conservative when it comes to drug use, I wouldn’t be so conservative though if I hadn’t had health issues in the past.

Take home point is, if you have high testosterone, it’s absurd to think the metabolites of testosterone (say DHT) or hormones that testosterone directly convert to (Estriadol) would/should also be within normal ranges, it’s kind of the bodies way of attempting to maintainin homeostasis. If you’re scared of aromatisation just use non aromatising anabolic steroids (which also tend to be harsher on the cardiovascular system in general), and using an AI can easily cause more harm than good, it’s easy to crash E2, and the associated joint pain isn’t worth it.

  • Had crashed estrogen for years, was prescribed 1mg of anastrazole/day…

Edit: forgot to mention, aromasin is a suicidal, steroidal AI, it binds to and kills the aromatase enzyme, it takes time for the body to resynthezise, therefore you’ll probs have crashed E2 for a lot longer than 5 days if you manage to crash it.