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Personally, I'm against for the reasons below:


Your thoughts??


All I know is, beware of the moyel who also owns a calamari restaurant.


i was circumcises and my kids will be too. No dick cheese for them.


Surgical intervention where soap and water will easily do the trick. Quite a few botched circumcisions have resulted in otherwise healthy boys being forced to undergo sex change operations.

The cries of pain that a baby lets out when being circumcised are louder and more prolonged than any other that they normally make.

A couple of years ago on cnn they reported a statistical study that showed circumcised men were %30 more likely to commit violent crimes of assault rape and murder.

Apparently it affects the brain development of newborns and makes them more aggressive.

In Europe it's not widely used except for Jews and Muslims whose religion prescribes genital mutilation.

It's probably something to consider when comparing public opinion between Europe and the US.


Yeah I hear it's pretty common for infections to develop under those built in condoms called foreskin. Plus I hear it makes your dick look longer, so cheers!


Though all of the men in my family are circumsized, I'll be glad when there's a shift to leaving the junk au naturale. No more snips for anyone that doesn't want it.


I am very VERY against circumcision. It is not natural, it is not your body. WHY would you cut off part of someone else's body w/o asking their permission FIRST?

And for those that will cut, try researching it first and WATCH A VIDEO of it. You'd put your son through that? Nice dad. Yeah, you're a real winner.


My son was born in Germany. Our German Doctor thought the whole idea was barbaric and couldn't beleive we still did that in America. So having to either rely on a German doctor that had never done one, or a military doctor, well needless to say my son has his fore skin. And looking back on it and all the info I've read since then, I'm glad that's how it went down.





I'm all for it. I did mine myself. That's the way Chuck Norris did it.


I really hope that is BS. I am circumcised and I have no probs with sensitivity. Obviously I have nothing to compare it to, but I would be concnerned if the head of my penis was any more sensitive.

My god son was not circumcised at birth but had to go and have it done at age 6 due to so many complications with his foreskin (constant splitting).

Being circumcised myself I would probably have my son circumcised, but as I have no kids I really dont think I know what I would do until I am in that situation.



Seriously though, I can see the objections that some people bring up in regards to infant circumcision. But, I personally don't know anybody who had it done at birth that is angry about it, or that wishes it wasn't done to them. Nor is every circumcised male that I know violent, or prone to acts of violence. So, I think that's kind of a ridiculous argument.

I think the best course of action might be to wait and let the guy decide whether he wants it done when he is an adult. That way no one can whine that he was unwillingly mutilated. He chose to do it, just like people choose to get body parts pierced, or plastic surgery, or tatoos. After all it's his body so why shouldn't he be allowed to do with it what he wants.

That being said, I bet a lot of uncircumcised adults would rather have had it done during infancy when they are not really conscious of what is going on than to have to go through such a procedure during adulthood.

Good training,



I am now consumed with the thought that I could be 70% more sensitive on my dick. I wouldn't be able to wear clothes. I would be forced to walk around butt naked popping wood at the slightest breeze or one degree drop in temperature. These thoughts shall occupy my time throughout all eternity now...or until I hit "submit".


Good link Boris.



Just grow it back.


All you ugly dick muthafuckas, get that shit cut-off. Turtle-neck wearing bastards!!


Yeah, I thought it was sensitive now. Shit, we'd have to wear loose kilt-like garments to keep from rubbing one off while walking.


Ok, that's........something.


OMG, you guys are dorks. LOL!

The foreskin covers the head. It's only sensitive when you're getting busy. You don't just randomly get wood any more than circ'd men do.

My husband (ipjunkie) and my son are both intact. As is my youngest brother. My circ'd brother wishes he had never been cut and he wishes that he hadn't submitted to letting his son get cut.

Y'all are about to get educated on circumcision.





It's not your body.


Got a question for those who are pro-circumcision...

If you wouldn't circ your daughter, why would you do it to your son?

Here's more info.

Video of a circumcision - not for the squeamish, but I encourage ALL to look - get a clue about what happened to you/your son/your nephew.