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Here is something I don’t understand about men. Maybe you guys could enlighten me. Circumcision. EWhy do you guys let this happens to your sons and keep it going. As neurotic as you guys are about you genitals and your pleasure, i would think that that the idea you might have lost some when a doctor cut off part of genitals would have you guys on the war path.

I have asked men who are circumcised and uncircumcised about this. Men who are uncircumcised say things like “oh i can’t thank my parents enough for not doing that me” “i can imagine not having that there because you can’t even touch it when you pull it back when its limp”, but when you ask a circumcised man he’ll say oh its easier to keep clean and things like that (by the way, anything is easier to keep clean when you cut it off). Now common sense would tell you that by your penis being exposed all the time its losing sensitivity so why does it still happen and why do men justify it. I have watched both cut and uncut men masterbate(for scientific purposes of course) and its a lot different, uncut just moved the skin up and down…its a lot more work for the circumcised man…lots of lube and violent stroking…now i wonder if thats the original intent in the US to keep you guys from masterbating.

Ummmmmmmm, lots of lube and violent stroking… sounds like a night at the local prison minus the lube.
I am assuming if you have watched men masterbate before that you are a women(Sorry I can;t tell by your name) but it is my experience that most women find circumsized penises do a better job and that uncicumzied look funny. Also it is cleaner and apparently the jews made some sort of pact with god…I don;t know. I am not a jew but I think I learned that in a religion class.
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I think you hit it on the nose about the masturbating. Note how circumcision was done by Jews, as demanded by their religion. Religion’s purpose being to control people. Oh yeah, scientific purposes. I got a chuckle out of that.

I think women are weirded out with uncut guys though. They’re probably thinking, “Ewww, what’s with that?”

Any studies on this? Maybe I should go do a search on “Pin Prick Test” or something like that. If circumcision truly lead to a desensitization of the penis, then circumcised men should last longer, right?

Couldn’t resist responding to this one. I’ve heard all the arguments for and against circumcision and I think if I had a son, I’d want the doctor to give me compelling medical reasons for having this done. “Easier to keep clean?” COME ON! its’ a little fold of skin for Pete’s sake. If you’re too lazy to wash it, don’t even fool with taking a bath. It seems as if it is being done today, more out of tradition than genuine medical need. Personally, I wasn’t circumcised at birth due to an underdeveloped blood vessel which the doctor told my parents would heal in a couple of years. I was very self conscious when dating women because I looked a little different. I gotta tell you though, no woman I was ever with had a problem with it. Some even said that because the head is a little larger that the sensation was better for them. I was always up front with my women about the issue and once I knew we were going to roll in the hay, I told them I wasn’t circumcised and asked if they’d ever seen an uncircumcised penis. Some didn’t even know what I was talking about. It made most of them curious. I think if a woman has made up her mind to lay down with our stinky asses, the rest is all semantics.

Jack- Uncut and loving it since 1970 :slight_smile:

I thought circumsision was a thing of the past, my sons generation (he’s 12) rarley have it done.

If I ever have a son he will not be mutilated. I remember and old girlfriend of mine, who is a nurse, telling me that during one circumcision she assisted with, the baby was in so much pain, no sound came out of his mouth as he screamed. I don’t know if that’s normally how it goes, but I could not imagine putting a little guy through that for no good reason. I think all baby boys should remain ant eaters.

I think it just comes down to “look like daddy”. Circumsised guys think it’s ‘normal’, so they want to do it to their kids too. They’re obviously just a tad biased.

My opinion? Ritualistic baby mutilation is not cool. It’s so evil and wrong when foreign cultures do it (to women mostly), but it’s A-OK to do here. Why? Well because we North Americans are simply better than those brown turban wearing eastern types (I hope you’re picking up on this sarcasm, because I’m laying it on pretty thick).

It’s barbaric and stupid. Thankfully, as far as I can tell it’s slowly becoming less popular; lots of doctors try to persuade parents to not have it done.

I know quite a few women that prefer the look of a circumcised penis. But whatever.

I’ve vascillated back and forth on this issue, and I’m not sure what I would do were I to have a son. I am circumcised myself, and I don’t feel that I suffer as a result of it.

One more thing: about the lube and “violent stroking,” that’s only necessary if the circumcision took off an exceptional amount of foreskin. Most circumcised men have ample skin left to slide around down there, without needing lube.

If nobody circumsized will speak up then I will. I happen to think that the week of pain that I might put my child thru or the “baby mutilation” as put by the uncircumsized crowd is well worth the trade of possible yrs. of emotional and psycological trauma he may suffer from being “diffrent”. Kids can be cruel and these guys are a little more advanced than you were. What I’m saying is, as society gets more shallow and superficial small things like circumcision become more important. I don’t know where you get your information but more and more children are being circumsized due to it becoming “the norm”. Do as you wish with your children but I would rather not make my son’s life anymore difficult than it allready will be.

Good way of thinking Tyke. Uphold the status quo.

Its simple… a lamp without a shade gives off much more light then one with a shade…if you get my meaning

By the time you’ll be walking around in front of your friends with your dick out, you’ll be plenty old enough to not have to worry about stupid crap like that.

And “becoming the norm”? I mean, we’re both talking out our asses, but I really really don’t think that’s right. It’s not like circumcision is a new trend that’s catching on, it’s an ancient practise that’s on the way out.

If you had your pinky cut off at birth you’d probably think that’s a good idea too.

If we all should become normal, why are we training and dieting properly? McDonalds and obesity are much more inline for the future.

Tyke… I dont know where YOU are getting YOUR information because it really is becomming LESS and LESS. Take a look at other countries APART from America. MOST of the world DONT get circumcised. Even in the US its not done like it used to be.

I’m circumcised, and I’m glad! Although, the doctor that did my circumcision when I was a wee little pup must have taken off a bit more than he should because I have a “hooked” penis. In fact, my friends and girlfriends all refer to me as Capt. Hook due to this. And whenever someone finds a crooked piece of fruit, vegetable or even a crooked weiner, they often use it as an object of their amusement related to my hook. But it’s all good because the women love the hook! But I digress. Why would I not want to be circumcised?

1) First of all, I have not lost any sensitivity due to this.

2) I have no problem masturbating or enjoying it.

3) Yes, it is cleaner and easier to take care of. No dick cheese for me please.

4) Women do not like uncircumcised wangs! Maybe in other parts of the world it is accepted, but in America, most women don’t like the look of an uncircumcised weiner. In fact, I have heard many friends and ex girlfriends speak of their experiences with uncircumcised weiners, and they either found it digusting or downright hilarious and not want anything to do with them. Sorry, for all you guys who are uncircumcised, but this is just what I’ve seen and heard.

5) Sorry, but I don’t have any negative experiences because I’m circumcised.

I think it’s funny that people seem to have almost religious convictions about this topic.

This is obviously a topic that engenders heated discussion. This could be because taking a stance on either side of the argument implies that those of the other persuasion are somehow “deficient.” Men are inherently sensitive about implications of deficiency on penile matters, so an emotional reaction is pretty much understandable. Most of us that are circumcised (including me - I was born in 1962 in the US, so I was snipped along with about 99% of the rest of male babies) had no control over the decision, have no memory of the procedure, and no means of comparison to an uncircumcised state. My parents acted on the best available medical advice at the time. Which is better? I don’t know. I know many men of both camps who have no problems at all, so that doesn’t offer any additional data. However, I know 2 people who were circumcised as adults, primarily due to persistent medical problems. My Grandfather developed a chronic infection during WWI, primarily due to bad hygene in the trenches and the lack of antibiotics. The solution (in 1919) was radical circumcision. He was 24 years old. He said that the cure was painful, but the result (the infection was cured) was worth it. My Father-in-Law was born in the 1930s and was not circumcised. In the 1950s, he developed a condition called Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans (BXO), which is an incurable, progressive disease of unknown origin. It is virtually unknown in men who were circumcised as infants, and occurs in about 6 in 1000 uncircumcised men. The disease causes a hardening of the foreskin (among other symptoms), eventually preventing retraction of the foreskin. The treatment (in the 1950s) was radical circumcision (and still is in most cases). This helped a great deal, but he had periodic outbreaks and ulcerations, which got steadily worse over the last few years. Last year he was diagnosed with penile cancer, which is correlated with BXO (and consequently with lack of infant circumcision). Penile cancer is very rare, and the treatment is, well, radical. Before seeing him go through this experience, I was in the “circumcision is unnecessary” camp, but after this, the waters are murkier. Luckily, both of my children are girls, so I won’t have to make this decision.

I’m not circumcised and I’m glad because all the girls I ever discussed this subject with said they were discusted by the look and thought of a circumcised man and as for the masturbation who am I to say my methods are more satisfying than anyone elses. All the infection worries… dont these people shower at least once a day!