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Only Americans, Jews, and Muslims are the ones that still routinely perform this to their newborns. So only thats about 10% of the worlds population that is circumsized. What do people think about circumcision? LIKE/HATE/OR WHATEVER?

Funny you mention that. There was a recent Master&Johnson survey that asked males from three different nations what benefits circumcision had. American men reportedly said they prefered it because it gave them greater sexual pleasure. Men from France reportedly said they prefered it because it gave their partners greater sexual pleasure. And the men from Canada reportedly said they prefered it because it kept their hand from sliding off. -Hope this helps.

How would they know how UNcircumsized feels?!
Why cut off something that is supposed to be there?!

Infant circumcision seems to me to be an archaic, barbaric practice that should be disbanded. This irreversible procedure is performed for cosmetic or ritualistic reasons only, so it stands to reason that it should be a matter of choice. Whether a boy is circumcised or not should be his decision as a mature adult.

Most chicks don’t dig intact units…

Ok, the previous poster claims that most chicks don’t dig uncut units. Ummmm, what do the ladies think about this???

One of the reasons why there is still circumcisions in this country is because of money. At over 100 dollars a hack, doctors can earn about $30,000 extra in their salaries, granted he slices more than a couple babies a day. That’s why a lot of the times doctors fight over who does the circumcisions. How do I feel about it? I wish I never had it happen to me. I read that men lose 70% of sexual pleasure after they’re cut off. Under all that skin, there are a bundle of nerves making that area really sensitive. Since I had my circumcision done after my birth, I may never get to feel what that extra 70% pleasure is like. Unless there’s a way to genetically engineer myself to grow that foreskin back.

Hey, I’ve read about a guy who grew his foreskin back. What he did was stretch the remnant of his foresking longer and longer over several months by tying it off when flaccid. No lie. He was happy with his new foreskin, though he wishes he would have the lost nerve ending back from the removed foreskin. As for me, I’m uncut. I’ve read that there is slightly higher penile cancer rates for uncircumcized men, but the rate of cancer is minisculy small anyway, so doctors don’t consider it important.

I’m not cut either. When I was younger, I was really insecure about it because all of my friends were. When I was old enough to start dating, I was insecure still about it- I that it might would turn off a girlfriend or turn her off from oral sex. But it never ended up being an issue. Truth be told, being uncut does require you to clean yourself at least daily, but I guess that kinda goes without saying anyway!

I think you guys need a hobby besides worrying about other peoples’ dicks!

Where did you get that 70% figure? I find that a little hard to believe. If my sexual sensitivity was increased by that magnitude I would nut every time my schlong hit my jeans.

Avoids, the last thing i’m worrying about is someone else’s dick. You’ve stated that you have a couple of boys (if I’m not mistaken). As a parent, did you fully investigate this issue or simply follow what the doctor told you to do? It’s a serious issue!

Good question. I’m perfectly happy with my big uncut hillbilly schlong, but as most uncut Americans, I felt insecure about it for a long time. Truth is, most women (IME) find it to be an exciting new novelty and want to play with it like they would with any new toy. As for my children, still hypothetical as this stage, I would never force such a procedure on them; they can always have it done of their own free will later.

Circumcision is genital mutilation of male infants. It’s interesting how there’s so much hand-wringing over female genital mutilation in the Third World, yet male circumcision is blindly accepted without protest by most people in Western society.

I too would stand out in a Jewish shower room & when I start having kids I won’t do it to them. I’ve also heard that it feels better this way, but don’t want to risk cutting part of my dick off to see whether it’s true or not.

I would love to hear a ladies perspective on this issue. Do they have a preference or really not give a hoot. Also, any T-Men out there who have gotten c-cised as an adult? They would really know which was is better!

Don’t know,I have never played with one before, but the idea does not turn me on or off. As long as it has good form and strength along with some athletic ability I wouldn’t care ;+) Visually, I guess I find circumsized to be prettier “at rest”

There have been many studies proving circumcised men have much lower rate of STD than uncircumcised men and that is the reason its been done way back to day 1 - not for pleasure/non-pleasure or to keep your hand from falling off. The forskin allows a moist place for STD germs to live and breed and that is why to get rid of it and why uncircumcised men need to make a point of “cleaning” under it. As far as men saying uncircumcised makes sex better is complete bullshit. i’m glad I’m circumcised and was as baby and not as an adult as 1 writer said - as baby, I don’t remember the pain but can you imagine the pain to be circumcised as an adult? My older brother (who’s now 56) wasn’t circumcised as a baby like me but when he was in his 40’s (about my age now - 44) married a 10 year younger nympho (no shit) and they did it so much that his forskin was always raw (I cann’t hardly believe it either) and his wife talked HIM into a circumcision at like 44. He was so sore from the surgery, he couldn’t hardly walk for 3 or 4 weeks because his dick would rub against his pants every time he moved. He said it was the most painful ordeal he ever went thru and it lasted for like 4 weeks. I’m glad i was circumcised as baby. Of course I didn’t marry a nympho. Oh, and by the way, he’s divorced now anyway. she got him to pay for a pair of plastic tits and then went to live with some dude who was already circumcised. this is the honest to god truth. Anyway, I’m glad i just got it over with when i was a baby and don’t remember the pain and sure don’t miss that useless forskin.

It’s all about taste. Personally, I prefer circumcized much more, b/cause of the culture in which I was brought up in.

I have a question though: doesn’t cutting the foreskin off prevent infection in infants???

Studies conducted in Africa (saw this on the knowledge network) revealed that circumcised men THAT LIVED WITH WOMEN WHO HAD HIV were significantly less likely to have HIV themselves. There were percentages given, but I don’t remember them and wouldn’t want to overstate the numbers. This trend extended over all of the countries surveyed (3 or 4 in Africa), so I believe the data is relevant. Presumably, this benefit would extend to other forms of STD’s, and as far as I’m concerned, this is worth a little desensitization. (Which won’t make too much difference with a hot and bothered T-Vixen!!).