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Circumcision Equality


Is it sexist or immoral to allow circumcision of boys but not of girls as argued by the woman in the video?


In case anyone isn’t aware, this Woman is calling for the act of cutting of the Clitoris and Labia to be culturally accepted by the West.

Everyday the Human race descends further into uncharted areas of stupidity.


They are not equivalent things.


Ya, she is clearly an idiot.


How long will the left support Islam? They hang gays, mutilate and subjugate women, kill apostates and atheists.

That’s just their legitimate governments, to say nothing of the “radicals”.

Whoever equates male circumcision and female genital mutilation is an apologist fool.


You mean a right-wing pundit–whose livelihood depends upon ratings, upon drawing eyeballs to his social media and TV show–managed to find a whacko willing to say something outrageous? Color me shocked.

How long will the Right hate people of color? They actively endorse white supremacist views.

What’s that you say? The Right doesn’t hate people of color, and it’s unfair and absurd for me to make a blanket statement about ‘the right’ based on the comments of a few right-wing whack jobs? Yeah, I suppose you’re right about that.


Circumcision of either sex is immoral


Except you are being a blatant partisan appologist and deliberately ignoring the second half of my post.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran etc… all officially oppress women, gays and non Muslims BY LAW.

Muslims themselves have some very illiberal viewpoints about Sharia, Honor Killings, the punishment for being gay etc… that should put them at odds with the left.

I can’t wrap my head around the party claiming that men are oppressing women when they spread their legs too much on public transportation… then have nothing to say about removing labia and the clitoris of a girl against their will.



I’m not the one making blanket statements about a political orientation based on the comments of ONE person.


Not exactly a few though is it in the case of places like Saudi Arabia, otherwise the whole country would be outraged when a woman was stoned to death for being raped.


So the left in the US and Europe don’t support Muslims? They didn’t coin the phrase “Islamophobia”? They don’t support immigration and refugees from at-risk nations?

It was a wonder the NYT allowed this article. There was consternation over the FGM phrase from the left. That’s what the doctors in Michigan were charged with.


Also way to ignore half of his post once again.


The left lives by pc rules. Even if it eventually kills them…they must embrace other cultures regardless of what that actually means.

PC driven lunatics.


Actually, the left directly supports white supremacist views not the right. Promote legal differentiation based on race. Justice based on race. Even outright racial segregation of schools and living areas. All prominent left wing positions.


If you’re accusing the Left of supporting beleaguered people who are unjustly maligned and castigated solely on account of their race, creed, sexual orientation, etc, I am proud to say, guilty as charged. (And if you don’t do those things, I would suggest you’re being un-American.) OTOH, if you’re equating that with supporting FGM or other extremist behaviors, I would say you’re engaging in ludicrous partisan hackery.

Just as it is absurd for a lefty to say ‘The Right is racist’ on the basis of the comments of a few right-wing loons, so too is it absurd for you to suggest ‘The Left supports FGM’ based on something a lefty loony-tune says.


There are literally large sections of the left wing in the US marching to promote the segregation of schools.


Show me links to white supremacists who are supporting Democratic candidates, and you’ll have an argument worth considering. (BTW, do you think I’d have much difficulty finding the opposite; ie, links of white supremacists supporting Republican candidates?)


You are moving the goal posts. The left supports white supremacist ideology, pure and simple. That was the statement made. The left is f-ing pro segregation. Pro racial inequality under the law, and even with the new goal posts the KKK endorsed Hilary in the last election.


Can you link to one of these? I’d love to see how large they are. [quote=“Basement_Gainz, post:8, topic:229275”]
then have nothing to say about removing labia and the clitoris of a girl against their will.

Do you genuinely believe the official stance of the left is to allow FGM? Personally I’ve never seen a Dem politician even suggest it be allowed, but I could be wrong.


Hufington post is like totally small time.