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Circuits and Lactic Burnout

Hi CT, your post about circuits is great. I have a question because these circuits are killing me in a bad and unhealthy way . It’s not I am poorly conditionned. It’s even the opposite: resting HR at 48, 100m in 11.5 (at 16) and hours-long aerobic effort without problem (running 3 hours at 70-80%HRM), but lactic work like are crushing me ( too excited after workout, burnout during days after it, bad sleep even if training in the morning). It’s not an endurance problem, but it seems metabolic or endocrine. Is it normal? Too much FT fibers? Poor lactate metabolism? Do you have athletes with this profile (not bad at speed and endurance, but burned out with lactic workout)?

Do you have problems with lifting failure (RPE 10) ?

What do yo mean to have problem? No I can easy reach and push beyond failure. But it takes me long to recover from training with lots of sets to failure. I’m mostly neural driven, but I can run during hours at 70-80% max heart rate (and low resting hear rate at 48bpm). So it’s not a conditionning problem, but mostly a difficulty to handle lactate. Circuits but also HIIT kill me.

No other opinion about my special case?