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Circuit Weight Training

Hi guys,

I have just started going back to the gym after almost 2 years away due to knee surgery and physio rehab. I have put on almost 15 kg since and my body fat is around 27% ! Im 6ft 4" and about 95 kg right now. I was wondering if anyone could kindly suggest circuit weight training routines to me. I do 2k swim 3 times a week (30 min), as well as 1 rpm and 1 free run (45 min each) per week. I need to burn this stubborn beer belly fast and also started a very calculated diet.

Your thoughts on the matter will be greatly appreciated.



why didnt you start your clean eating 2 years ago, knowing you couldnt train? whay did you let yourself get so fat?

i can never understand posts like these…

[quote]Rezmout wrote:
I have just started going back to the gym after almost 2 years away due to knee surgery and physio rehab.[/quote]
Are you 100% healthy and cleared for weight training?

That’s cardio.

That’s cardio.

I’m not sure what “rpm” is, but I bet it’s cardio. (Bike riding?)

That’s more cardio.

You’re not doing anything to actually build lean muscle, and muscle is what’s going to give you a built, defined look. Weight training (not circuit style) 3 or 4 days a week will be much more productive than circuit training.
Check out these threads, discussing lifting as a taller guy:

Why “fast”? Is there some event coming up you’re aiming for? I’d rather you plan 12 or 16 weeks of dedicated eating and training for fat loss, so you have plenty of time to do it correctly.

Details please.

chris mate,

many thanks for your kind advice. You are 100% right on the rpm, its interval biking ! i want to lose the fat and get in shape so i could get back to triathlon (i used to do up to 4 years ago). Also y beer belly doesn’t give me a good feel and constantly disappointed with myself. I just had a session with my nutritionist today and she is taking me on a very strict 4 weeks diet then we go for a more manageable 16 to 20 weeks from there and hopefully by then we should have a life style that would go for the next decade or so!

So your suggestion is to cut down on the cardio sessions and add 4 days of weight training? can i finish or start a weight sessions with a little cardio? and if you think its ok, then should it be interval or just medium paced 20 min cardio?

Appreciate your expertise mate,



By the way regarding my diet, I’m up to 2000 kcal a day, i walk 30 min to and from work, and for the most of day I’m behind my desk. gym is 6 days a week and i be happy to do a combo of 45 min weight, 20 min cardio.


[quote]Rezmout wrote:
i want to lose the fat and get in shape so i could get back to triathlon (i used to do up to 4 years ago).[/quote]
Cool. Now that’s a concrete goal to aim for. Maybe look for a triathlon being held in a year or so, just to make the timeline more finite.

I hear you, but just keep in mind that you were out of the gym with a legit injury. Even if your diet slipped during that time, it’s not like you were going along fine and then decided one day “Yeah, this whole ‘being in shape’ thing isn’t for me, so I’ll quit.”

Gotcha. If you’re working with a nutritionist, I’ll leave all the diet info to them. Working live with someone face-to-face will pretty much always trump online discussion. But please do ask them about workout nutrition. A protein/carb shake taken before, during, and/or after exercise can have tremendous benefit.

Yes, you’re trying to lose fat, but the positives of providing your body the nutrition it needs at that time outweighs any “negative” of taking in calories while exercising.

Fixed that for you. :wink:

Yep, I’d suggest slightly de-emphasizing the cardio in order to give solid attention to weight training. Three or four days of basic lifting, with some “easy-ish” cardio on those days and one or two days of only cardio, would be a very solid start.

If we’re doing cardio right after lifting - always after, not before - 20 minutes of steady pace work is fine. Intervals are often too taxing when they’re done right after weights. On days of just cardio, you can go harder, longer, or faster. (Thats what she said.)

For a basic weight training plan, check some of these:

(^ This might actually be the most appropriate for right now)

(^ I like this layout in general, but it’d be more appropriate once you’ve built/re-built more of a foundation)

This, done consistently, plus tweaking your diet via the nutritionist, will absolutely get you where you want to go.

thats really extensive mate, can’t thank you enough for your kind support. i should report back in 4 weeks!

cheers Chris.