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Circuit Training

is circuit training help to getout from fats?

Any training will help, do the training you will do, be consistant, and bring intensity to, circuit training not my favorite but it can work

Most of losing fat will boil down to your diet, you cant out train a crappy diet.


[quote]rosi wrote:
is circuit training help to getout from fats?[/quote]

I second Phil. Your diet will lose you the fat, not your program. There are many good articles about eating here, but as a starting point :

1)Stay away from sugars (except after workout)

2)Confine carbohydrates to the first half of the day (and after workout)

3)Avoid mixing fat and carbohydrate in the same meal (veggie carbs don’t count)

4)Drink heaps of water. Aim for 4-5 litres.


Thank you for your suggestion . i will work on my diet to lose my fat.
but i want to know than what is the importance of doing cardio and other exercises.
thank you