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Circuit Training Optioins

After recently completing a four week strength phase, I’m considering a circuit type routine to reduce some fat and keep my weight down. I ran across an Ian King Circuit Type routine in a Men’s Health issue and was considering it (I was going to make some modifications to it). The routine is as follows:

Circuit train three times per week: (Four compound movements per workout 2 sets for first week, three for second and four for third week). In between each set of compound movements you would do an aerobic station (i.e stationary bike, treadmill, etc) for 30 seconds for first workout adding an additional 15 second per workout for three weeks.

Do you think adding some type of aerobics in between each set would be of some benefit or is Meltdown or Coach Davies routine a more efficient avenue.

I did that Ian King routine this year (Phase 6 of the 6 part Ian King workout in Mens Health, available more or less at www.menshealth.com).

I didn’t like it at all. I found it neither here nor there: all that light aerobics between workouts made for a long and not too intense workout, and to have gone hard on the aerobic stations (contrary to how it was suggested) would have made the lifting bits seem odd, at least to me.

I liked the phase I circuit workout in that series better.

I’m thinking of switching to a cutting phase soon but will probably try meltdown training, certainly not repeating that one you mentioned.

Just my 2 cents.