Circuit Training Advice

I am 27, 5"10, 235lbs,20% bf, and have a 35 inch waist. I use to be in great shape and fell out of the routine. I do not care what my weight is, I just want an atheletic look again. I have been working out hard for 6 months and have not seen great results.

Here is my work out. I do every muscle group once a week for a total of 3 days lifting. I do 2 sets of a reverse pyramid for each muscle consisting of 12,10,8,10,12. I do 20 minutes of intense cardio 5 to 6 days a week including after my lifting workouts. My heart rate is usualy around 90%. I just want a lean look. Any suggestions and help would be appreciated.

[quote]jbrown wrote:
I do every muscle group once a week for a total of 3 days lifting. [/quote]

Yah if you want drastic changes 3 days of working out a week isn’t gonna do it. Up it to 5-6.

Change your diet.

So I should do each muscle twice a week? Should 2o minutes of cardio after that be enough?

Have you read Charles Poliquin’s German Body Comp? Get it, do exactly what it says, and you will get the results you want. I’d also advise going on a Keto diet.

You should check out Thibs’ Refined Transformation’ articles and follow those. That’s exactly what you need.

Yeah, I agree.

Serious question: I don’t quite understand your post. Where is the circuit training? Can you post your training in more detail?

I agree with Waylanderxx’s advice. If you train with more frequency, you will burn more calories. Weight training is a superior substitute for cardio if you are new or just returning to training (most people, unfortunately, think they are overtraining before they start, so they will fill the gaps with cardio). You can expend more energy doing five one hour sessions of lifting per week vs. three sessions & additional cardio (I’m assuming “intense” means interval sprints. If not, you aren’t really doing the most intense cardio).

Limit the cardio and concentrate on lifting. Extra muscle will raise your BMR, so your body will burn the excess fat as energy to help maintain/ gain muscle.

Here it is

I rest only 20 seconds between sets

Incline bench


Stand up Curls

Preacher Curls

20 minutes of interval sprints

20 minustes on the arc trainer 8 incline 40% resistance, or 30 minutes of kick boxing workout


Dumbell Shoulder Press

Dumbell Side Raises

Tricep Push Downs

4 sets of 10 (they suck)

20 minuts of interval sprints

Same as tuesday


Leg Extensions

Donkey Calf Raises
4 sets of Burn outs

Dead Lifts

Lat Pull Downs

My legs can barely move…so no cardio to day

Same as Tuesday

I rotate lifts every week but same work out

any advice?

Where do I find “Thibs Refined Transformation” guide. I am willing to do what it takes.

[quote]jbrown wrote:
Where do I find “Thibs Refined Transformation” guide. I am willing to do what it takes.[/quote]

Ah. Now I get where the circuits come in! Given your goal is to look athletic and lean, you might find this article useful (it is more effective than straight circuit training, with more emphasis on lifting than cardio):

Destroying Fat: War Room Strategies to Maximize Fat Loss:

Here is the link to the Refined Physique Transformation article:

You will also need to read The Beast Evolves, because that was Thib’s original physique transformation. He refers back it a lot in the RPT article, so you might want to read The Beast Evolves first :

I would start training 5 days a week, take longer rest between sets (as in minutes, not seconds), chill out on the cardio a bit and clean up your diet.

I am trying to follow all of this. when you say i should life 5 days a week and cut back on cardio…how exactly should I do this. Should I do muscle groups more than once a week or should I not combine them together and do more sets and reps for each one…any advice on cardio would be great as well.