Circuit Training (AA phase)

I’m doing a circuit training (AA phase) routine right now and was wondering if I should do it for 8 weeks or 12. Thank You

That depends on a lot of info, such as what was your previous workout like, what type of workout do you usually do, what do you want to accomplish, in what timeframe, etc. Even after answering these, it wouldn’t be set in stone, stuff comes up. For example, you might stall in week 7, either mentally or physically, then you’d either change some parameters, get frustrated and quit, or move to the next phase. Or maybe you reach your goals for that phase, are you still going to just push thru because two months previously you told yourself that you would? I wouldn’t.

But to answer your question, I’d only stay on it for 8. Let us know.

What’s AA mean? Anatomical Adaptation?