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Circle The Wagons Biotest

With the impending andro ban one must look at the situation objectively and also look to the OPPORTUNITY.

Opportunity? Yes, the FDA has said that companies must prove that their products are safe, so…prove they are safe.

Since Mag-10 is not on the current listing this give Biotest a bit of an edge in preparedness.

Spring for an independent study from a college for MAG-10 to evaluate the “health risks” of MAG-10, things like blood pressure, cholesterol ratios, liver values, the works.

Sure, it may not matter in the end due to rampant ignorance of the subject matter on the part of the FDA and lawmakers, but this is opportunity to show what we have been screaming for years now. SHOW people that low doses of anabolics are basically harmless and are therapeutic. SHOW them the myths and destroy them.

This is an opportunity for Biotest to either take a stand and become a leader and teacher or to roll over and let ignorance take a stronger grip on people.

Either way, there is nothing to lose except money for the study, or respect for not standing up for what you believe in.

Good Luck

i doubt it would make a difference. before steroids were banned countless doctors that were educated on the subject as well as the d.e.a. themselves informed congress that these drugs were not harmful. we all know what happened next.

I’m not saying I support the government’s actions on this subject in any way, but you have to also blame the stupid fucking morons who can’t seem to read label instructions and warnings. That is why ephedra was banned. You know somestupid ass has done a permanant cycle of some andro product and fucked up his body in the process. Are prohormones totally safe? No, not if you’re an idiot and most people are. Steroids, ephedra, prohormones etc. are all safe if you are educated on the subject, but most people want someone to bottle feed them and hold their hand through life. That’s why people sue McDonald’s for burning themselves with coffee that is, oh my god, hot? Imagine that, hot coffee can burn my skin? Maybe they should ban tea kettles, coffee pots and water heaters then. Sorry for the little rant, I hate stupid people.

That is the essence of personal choice and personal responsibility. The government is solely responsible for the lack of personal responsibility we have today because they are constantly busy trying to dictate what people can and cannot do with their own bodies. If one person does something incredibly stupid, everyone else is automatically assumed to be equally as stupid, and therefore, needs to have “protections”. Protection from stupidity doesn’t seem to fall in line with natural selection.

Following label instructions? By that rationale we should ban everything from pills to paint.

I’m gonna remember that.

Yes, very well put lucid. Maybe if the government would allow some of these morons to die off and not breed, we could get some of our rights back.

In the current political climate I doubt there’s a college out there that would touch this type of research.

The whole “prove its safe” thing just isn’t going to happen. MAG-10 and other prohormones are simply dead. Once the supply is sold, they will be no more.

Some companies may keep the same product name (like some of the fat burners did even though the formula changed), but they won’t contain “andro.” That era is over.

If you like MAG-10, stock up now before it’s going for $300 a bottle on e-bay.