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Circle of Friends


I've read it quite a few times that if we surround ourselves with like-minded (as in goal-oriented) people, we will have a better chance of success in our endeavors.

If we surround ourselves with potato-chip eating, couch potatoes, we'll more likely become more like one.

Conversely, if we surround ourselves with a few people concerned with building strong and healthy bodies, the same should influence us as well.

Seeing as this is not always possible (finding like minded people), how would you suggest staying mentally strong to keep pressing forward with your training goals.

(personal note: I'm in a foreign country where I'm working and learning the language. The only people who speak my native tongue are expats who don't care about exercise/nutrition (and it's obvious, btw) and the locals at the gym that I can't communicate with...yet.)


You either have the desire or you don't. Surrounding yourself with like minded people only works if that desire is already present. Therefore, it's not necessary but can help a lot. Just my 2 cents.


You will always have us by your side.


Ni Hao, I read in another post that your in china, having worked and lived in Shanghai I know what its like.
First you got us, as one of the other posters noted.
so you can always post here when you need some positive feedback or even when you want to get fired up there is always someone here who will fire you up with a smartass remark.
As for like minded people when your language skills are better it is a bit easier finding a hardcore gym, especially where the Chinese Polices or army officers train.