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Cinnamon in Peri-workout Nutrition


Hi Coach, you’ve in the past written about the benefits of consuming cinnamon with every meal to improve insulin sensitivity: https://www.t-nation.com/training/beef-up-your-body-composition Are there any disadvantage to consuming cinnamon in one’s peri-workout nutrition like there would be to consuming say fish oil? I’ve always understood fish oil to be misplaced around workouts for its anti-inflammatory properties moreso than anything else and cinnamon seems to share share that quality

Weak Buns, Inc. (lava2007 training log)

Ummm, which type of cinnamon are you recommending CT because I use different cinnamons depending on what it is for…you’re referring to Ceylon, right…real cinnamon because most cinnamon sold in stores or in baked goods isn’t real…Ceylon basically doesn’t have the bold flavor so it’s rarely used…


Cinnamon can have benefits pre-workout:

  1. It increases insulin sensitivity, so if you are having pre-workout carbs you have less chances of a crash mid-workout and you will also more efficiently shuttle the carbs and protein to the working muscles

  2. It increases blow flow which will give you a better pump


Thanks coach, I’ll add it into my regimen preworkout.


In the past, I’ve seen you recommend 5g cinnamon. I suppose this would be Ceylon cinnamon as high doses of Cassia cinnamon can cause liver damage, correct?


yes, of course