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Cinnamon and Apple Cider Vinegar


Both are good for insulin sensitivity. How much per day to see benefits? I already include cinnamon in my protein shakes, and ACV is easy to add to salads or dilute in water...so how much of each will be enough to actually do something helpful?


I bought the NOW cinnamon and apple cider vinegar, I take 2 cin caps morning, night, and before workouts, then the apple cider vinegar I been taking morning and night, 2 caps.



In one study I remember, it was shown that 1g/day cinnamon supplementation strongly reduced fasting blood glucose concentration (30%) and improved blood lipid profile. I think this study was conducted with type II diabetes patients. Most studies in humans to assess the effects of cinnamon supplementation were done with TIID patients, as far as I know.
In other studies, supplementation with up to 1.5g/day did not show possitive effects.

However, if is very well documented that that cinnamon supplemetation has very strong insulin-like oder insulin-potentiating effects in animals. Studies have been done with cinnamon or its phenolic extracts.

One other study I once read (by Solomon and Blannin) showed clear positive effects on short-term glucose tolerance. They used 5g of cinnamon in their experiments.

I wouldn't go below 1-2 grams of sinnamon a day, since it may not fully unfold its positive potential. I believe you'd be better off taking between 3-5g / day.

Apple cider vinegar:

Well, personally I never read a study which showed positive effects of apple cider vinegar supplementation in humans. There are, however, quiet many studies done with mice or rats. Probably it's again the phenolic acids that mediate the positive effects. I once read a paper where a positive effect of apple cider vinegar supplementation on blood lipid profile was described. I think they used 30ml / day.
That's all I know on ACV. Don't you find some studies on the internet? Maybe you'll find a good supplementation protocol somewhere in a scientific paper.


On a side note. I have been pouring a little apple cider vinegar in my garbage bags before I put it out the night before garbage pick-up and have not had a single varmit chew it open and make a mess. Been doing it for about four years and it works every time and it's cheap. Apparently racoons and skunks can't stand the stuff.


What about using a garbage Can? I use rubbermaid roughneck. This is the one. I have two of them, I also drilled a hole in the top lip and tied a short piece of nylon rope @ 2Ft long through the handle and the hole in the lid, keeps the lids from blowing away in inclimate weather.



I thought it was the acidity that supposedly lowered the glycemic response? If that's the case, you'd think HCL supplementation would be just as good.


Quick reference to ACV:


Note the two references at the bottom of the page. One is this link to the insulin resistance study:



"Interestingly, an early report showed that vinegar attenuated the glucose and insulin responses to a sucrose or starch load (1)."

Give that this holds true for those who are also not insulin resistant, would this be desirable peri or post-workout when, presumably, you want elevated glucose and insulin responses--rather than attunuated--to a carb load?