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Cinderella Man Food: Hash?

I was watching Cinderella Man last night and became very interested in something I saw. Just before his first comeback fight, Giamatti gets Braddock a bowl of “hash” to get something in his stomach before the fight.

Anybody have any experience with this? Is it good?

I’d like to give it a go. I found some recipes for it online, but there’s an endless number of varieties and I’m a novice cook at best. It seems pretty easy to make, but I just want to make sure there’s nothing else I need to know before I try it.

I tend to eat just about the same things everyday, but my dinner is always something of my choosing as long as it involves meat. I wanna’ branch out a bit.

well hell its k/cal loaded dense as hell tons of simple carbs and fats yes it will give energy. a bit of protein as well.

A staple in my diet Nah but sure indulge from time to time.

…I can only think of drugs right now.

they aren’t talking about drugs?

What is this “hash” you speak of?

Who hash and roast beast can’t be beat.

Hash and beer make for a loud and smelly night in the fart sack!