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Cincinnatus, But Not Yet


America has a great way to fall. Someday we will call upon our modern 'Cincinnatus' (Sarah Palin) to save the Republic. Her time is not yet come though.

A great leader and great lady is there, and she will someday be here, to save us from the Satanists and Devils that have us in their grasp.

Sarah, we WILL be waiting!


Did you just compare Sarah Palin to Cincinnatus?

If this is an attempt at trolling it fails because not enough people know who Cincinnatus was.

If you are serious, GTFO.


His wiki page reads like propaganda.


America doesn't need a Cincinnatus, it needs a Diocletian (maybe not splitting the place into 4, but confronting the big issues and knowing when to leave..... meh you get it)


Yup, Diocletion was just suuuuper.

Basically he turned the whole empire into a giant prison just to keep it going a while longer.

Exactly what Americans need, no doubt.


Sarah is the heart and soul of this Nation.

Did you know she crossed party lines TWICE, to root out corruption in the REPUBLICAN government?

That she quit because her legal bills were over $500,000 and were going to bankrupt her? (And the Left makes a big deal that she's a 'quitter'.)

That she hunts, goes fishing, climbed a mountain...which is more than any of the turds running now, except maybe Perry?

Great lady, she WILL be back.


You guys have got it all wrong. America needs a Mucius Scaevola. If we could send an envoy to Pakistan to burn his own hand off we could convince them we mean business.

^^For your reference. Mr Joshua; a modern-day Mucius Scaevola.


Oh my, there are even less people who know that story.