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Do you smoke cigars? If so, how often and what are they? Do you like the dark charcoal wrappers with that DR insides? Or better yet, an ISOM. So do ya?


Being a health freak, i think I should say that smoking is bad for you. Smokers are jokers. And you just made me laff. Members of this forum should not smoke, the whole idea of "T" doesn't go with smoking because, well, smoking is bad for your little se men. To answer your question I smoke 0 times a week, 0 times a month, 0 times a year, and once in a million years, just for the experience, because I really will live that long.


I agree. But this was out of curiousity. I know there's been several people that mentioned still smoking mary jane or have a dip of chew. Same diff.

I dont really smoke them anymore myself.


clearly not a T-man.


It is absurd to question a man's "T-man" status because he enjoys a fine cigar.

Mr. Jordan is a fan of the "Punch" brand cigars. Very good indeed.

I enjoy the Trinidad TTT and the CAO Cameroon. Smoked occasional 1-2 times per week, I seriously doubt that it is too neg on the health front...especially after following a healthy week of followed meal plans and training.

Some people should experience the refined pleasure of a premium cigar. Maybe they wouldn't seem so uptight.


Ahh the CAO Cameroon. How I long for things like that. Now that's a winner.


It is endlessly entertaining to see someone voraciously attack smoking in any form, then they go out and train improperly. They eat unhealthy amounts of food, binge drink on the weekend, drive fast and or without a seatbelt, sit too close to the TV, work a job laden with pollutants or chemicals, or just practice risky or unsafe sexual practices. The list of hypocritical snafu's on the PC charge against smoking is endless.

In that light, a cigar once or twice in six months is no biggie. Life is short, live it well. That includes good single malt scotch, and a fine Romeo y'Julietta to mark special occasions. So be it.

Don't let the media determine your mentality. Think.

I enjoy about 3 or 4 cigars a year. Don't like cigarettes. If I did, I'd smoke em just to piss off a liberal or two.



When purchasing favorite cigars buy the box, I go to jrcigar.com. Very good prices and fast shipping.

Trying new cigars, I gladly support my local retailer.


Very well put.
The Romeo y'Julietta is a fine smoke. The Reserve Real is also very good.


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Yes, they are illegal to sell and even smoke in the US. President Bush also signed a law making in illegal to smoke a cuban cigar OUTSIDE of the US,in early '05. Punishable by a hefty fine and/or time in jail.

All that aside, are they really smoother than a Montecristo....say a series IV? :slight_smile:

Best to you and your wife in '06, Pushharder.


I totally agree.

I have about 1 every tweeks or so in the winter. The summer I have a lot more than that.


I would have to agree with Pusharder that they truly are better.


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Pushharder --

Sadly, I am not kidding about the new law. I read it in CIGAR magazine's Spring 2005 issue, page 16. Briefly --

"The Treasury Department's notice also said US citizens and perminent residents are not allowed to purchase Cuban goods for personal use in another country outside the US. Violation of the new rules could lead to criminal penalties including fines of up to $1 million for corporations and $250,000 for individuals, plus up to ten years in prision."


If the opportunity ever presents itself, I will give one a try.

Good pics, of Arnold and Sly, btw.
I would consider them "T-men."

When the Pleasure Police come after alcohol, maybe people that point fingers at people who enjoy tobacco will finally get the seriousness of the problem at hand.

Of course, by then it may be too late.

I think cigarettes are repulsive myself. Really. But there is a such thing a personal choice. And please, spare me the second-hand smoke theory. A Federal judge dismissed that sudy a few years ago due to the information was "cherry-picked" and biased to prove a viewpoint that it was, indeed, harmful.

I am not saying that it is good for you, but when the study was thrown out by a Federal judge, that should tell you something.

If you don't like to be around smokers...if it's that a big concern for you, move away.

Again, I don't smoke cigaretts, but if someone else does, hey, that's their choice...their life.

I have read (sorry I can't remember where) that one french fry is more harmful than one cigarette. (Trans fat, sat fat, high calories, zero nutrition.)

I believe that pretty easily once you think about it.


I dunno, but they are verrrrrry smooth. We buy 'em in Canada but the tobacco Nazis there have taxed the living crap out of 'em and they are getting spendy.

I remember hearing that one of the reasons that they are smoother/better is due to the soil in Cuba. It is supposedly higher in lithium, which of course provides a sense of being "high" or creates a mellow feeling more so than other tobacco growing locations.


funny, i thought that questioning His Air's T-status was so absurd in itself the only thing still more absurd would be that i was questioned.

sorry dude. up here in the bitter northeast we're all jaded by pre-k. where-as you georgia peeps might have to take sarcasm as an undergrad elective.

anyway, i like the davidoff r.
when i can't get any humboldt j's of course.


yeah i was up there in montreal and they put pictures of diseased organs on the cigarette packs ! haha! the girl i was with was asking what the canadian brands were like and the counter guy was laughing at her and asking " well do you want the black lung or the rotten heart ??" hahaha!


Tom Platz turned me on to cigars.

Here's a good story involving JFK: Back in 1962, he asked his press secreatary, Pierre Salinger, to go to NYC and pick up every Cuban cigar he could find.

Salinger did so, and the next day. Cuban cigars safely in hand, JFK declared the Cuban Trade Embargo.