Cigarettes and ME

Wussup T-maggers. I got a serious dilemma here which I need some advice on. The thing, whenever I smoke cigarettes, how should i put this, im transformed. Cigarettes eliminate fat everywhere on those hard to target areas of my body like my love handles, thighs, and off my face too. Also when I smoke, I find that people are more friendly towards me and this helps my popularity for some reason. Also, I become a girl magnet when I’m a smoker. I got girls looking at me all over the place and even coming up and asking me questions. The thing is, I’ve come to realize how unhealthy smoking is and therefore I keep going on and off. This time I’m off for good. My question is why do I look so different without cigarettes? I used to look like a model before when I was smoking, now I look more soft and pudgy, especially on my face, but my body seems to be in more shape. I look like a different person. The thing is I have to admit that I love the feeling of having a nice smoke. It alleviates a lot of stress and anxiety for me, and it improves my body composition and makes me look “prettier” and more approachable. Please someone help me!! thanx

I have a serious dilemma too. It’s listening to cocky self rambling conceited idgit dickheads like yourself. Here is an idea, go choke your chicken and have a smoke while your doing it. I’m sure you will look attractive.


happy now?

Instead of the idiot answers, how 'bout this suggestion. If you notice smoking is really helping you with women, why not light up and barely toke?

Lts see, I gave an idiot answer and your response is to go light a smoke, barely toke and watch the babes come a running. Only an idiot would give a half-assed serious response to a assinine question. Wassup, shit I thought that saying went away 2 or 3 years ago. A mind is a terrible thing to watse or in your case a waste is a terrible thing to mind. Get real.

Hopefully I run into you and a couple of dirty trailer park cumdumpsters smoking your shit sticks. But just in case I don’t…FUCK OFF!!!


I don’t know the answer to your question John, but I have to apologize for the asses on here that aren’t taking your question seriously, nor are contributing one whit of actual information. Is it possible that you tend to stay away from carbs during the periods that you smoke? If so, that would account for a leaner look, as you wouldn’t be storing as much water.

As far as I know, nicotine is a mild appetite suppressant, as well as a stimulant…both of these could certainly lean you out. I smoke every once in a while, and if I smoke too much for too long I totally lean out. Try nicorette :wink:

I have found something that also improves my body composition and makes me more attractive (as well as “feel” attractive), and also enables me to have more energy thru out the day AND helps me maintain a lean bod: A physically active lifestyle as well as proper nutrition. Also heavy bag training is good for alleviating stress as well as some of my “hobbies” like art.

Plus, I and many of the people I know, DO NOT gravitate towards smokers. Quite the opposite, we walk the other way. Quickly. I suggest you stop deluding yourself with these fanciful reasonings as to why smoking *could be* cool. Cuz, it aint. It provides absolutely no benefits to your body. If you find that having people approach you and women want to "date" you simply because you have a "white stick of death" in your lips - which, BTW, is a very superficial thing to be thinking - then, you gotta start looking for new people to hang with. Smoking ain't "cool". You are doing the right thing by quitting. For good. I will applaud you only if you come back here to the forum in several months posting of your complete breaking of this devastating (to your health) habit. I wish you good luck!

I suggest you lose the smokes. I smoked for almost 30 years (started VERY early 'cause I thought it was cool). I never had to work out, it kept my metabolism high enough that I still looked good. A year ago this month I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was 39 years old, 40 now. This was 6 months after I quit. I was lucky and my breast did not have to be removed. You want something to make you look dumpy? Try 6 weeks of radiation. It will blow you up like a balloon! I’m carrying a little more weight than I used to but I’ve started weight training and it’s starting to come off. Call me vain, but I’d rather be a little plumper and keep my d cup breasts!

I couldn’t have said it better. Smart,fit and cool. I still like my first response,only because I think this pretty boy is full of shit.

Thank you :slight_smile: