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cigarette smoke

How bad is smoking in terms of hindering workouts?

could you clarify that a bit more? are you smoking 2 packs before you train, do you train in a smokey gym, what do you mean?

regardless of the answer i think by now in 2003, we all know that cigarette smoke is prety much negative in every possible way.

I usually smoke about a pack a day, and I know that it definitely affects the cardiovascular aspects of my workout regimen, but I was more wondering about it affecting my fat loss…thanks

I didn’t!

I’m suing.


Nicotine does have positive effects on fatloss and also posseses some nutrient partitioning properties.

However, I think you’re a dumbass for smoking.

These are my own personal observations/theories.

Surgeons recommend quitting smoking before surgeries because smokers generally heal slower. I’m not sure on the specifics, but since we’re dealing with a process of regeneration (muscle development), I think it would be slower for those that are full-time smokers.

I haven’t bothered to research any studies, so I could be wrong.

Cigarette smoke prevents healing because it diminishes oxygen availabilty to your lungs (and damages alvioli reducing lung capacacity). Thus, your blood gets less oxygen in them, and your muslces have less oxygen available.
Secondly, cigarettes cause hardening of blood vessels which generally reduces blood flow and recovery ability.

Cigarettes are appetite suppressants, and thus have a tendency to cause weight loss (or prevent gain). It is for this reason that most people gain weight after quitting…they eat more. There are thermogenic benefits of nicotine, but I think they’re realtively minimal compared to the damage.

Yeah, quitting smoking now greatly reduces serious risks to your health.

Ex-smokers are the worse, aren’t they ;).

Seriously, quit smoking. It’s stupid, expensive, and it makes your clothes, fingers, hair, car, home, etc stink. Not to mention the terrible health risks associated with smoking.

Take it from someone who has crossed the bridge. There will never be a good time to quit. If you think that you need to wait until your life becomes less stressful, it wont. If you think that you just need to get ready, you’ll never be ready. Start cutting back (e.g., don’t smoke until noon, and limit your intake), and then quit. JDI

If you are smoking and reading this forum you are a fucking homo, fuck off. Sorry no personal attack on this forum, well then i’ll make it a general FUCK OFF to all you in considerate bastards who breath that shit into my lungs

I’m not going to even read the rest of this thread. It is the worst thing you can do, period.

thanks for the advice, im going to try to quit as of right now…