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Cigar Smoking and Training



That’s the best part! You haven’t lived until you experience the juxtaposition of nausea and euphoria that you get from inhaling a cigar.


I’m not here to tell you about health risks because I think that’s pretty clear. One thing I will say though is that cigars are a lot more enjoyable if they’re a treat. Smoking one every few months, or only on summer nights when you’re shit faced with the lads makes them infinitely better in my opinion.

When I was 17, one of our buddies was 18 and he would pick up cigars for us every weekend for the entire summer. We’d go walk through a forest preserve smoking our cigars, sober, and getting eaten alive by mosquitos. We thought it was cool because the novelty hadn’t worn off, but that didn’t last long. It got old pretty fast.

Bottom line (this is just my opinion based on my limited experience): make it rare. Save them for special occasions, for two reasons. First, they’ll pose a minimal risk to your health if you only smoke one every few months. Second, it’s just more fun when you have a reason to be doing it besides being bored. And as a bonus tip, do it when you’re hammered. Drunk cigars are way better than sober cigars :wink:


I smoked cigars for a few years before moving to cigarettes thinking that they couldn’t be worse because they’re so tiny but the thing is you inhale cigarettes a helluva lot harder than you do with cigars so that led to an 8 year habit that I had to quit.


Excuse my ignorance, I’ve never smoked a cigar. If you’re not inhaling the smoke aren’t you then just sucking on a phallic shaped object? Seems like a weird proxy for giving a bj.


Lol… i’ve done it. Teaching me not to do it. It’s like inhaling a flaming cotton ball that cleaned some homeless guy’s asshole.


I don’t disagree. But if you are not used to smoking them you will wake up with a raging sinus headache.
I went through a cigar phase. Got a humidifier box and everything. Then one day, I fired one up and couldn’t stand it anymore. Just like that.

You have to smoke at least a couple a week to be used to it enough to enjoy it without the headache, but not all the time.
I am over cigars now, though. I had my fun but now I don’t like them at all.


I preferred cigarettes to cigars always. But, I also preferred not needing a trache later in life.
However, life is less interesting not inhaling caustic chemicals. It was my ‘thinking stick’. A lot of servers were saved due to cigarettes.
It gave me a break I wouldn’t otherwise take.
The risk/ benefit factor switched around 30.


I’ve never blown anybody, so I cannot relate. So you’ll have to ask somebody who has done both to see if your comparison has merit.
However, cigar smoking, usually mixed with a good brown liquor is about the flavor and experience. Especially if you mixed the two experiences together. It’s a unique thing if you ‘get it’.
That’s if you are into the experience and not the look of doing it.


Here’s my thing: I smoke cigars sometimes with buddies, but often alone because it allows me to think clearer, its almost like meditation. So it calms my mind ,obviusly smoking anything is not good for you, but the act of sitting for 45 min plus without any distractions helps me think and reflect. It almost improves my attetion span.

Lots of great replies, i’ll try to keep cigar smoking to 1-2 times a month, at least in the summer and then cut back when the weather turns cooler, i live in Norway so i can’t even light a cigar outside in the winter :wink:



It’s a good way to vomit too! Pair it with wine tasting and you’re in for a fun day…


It’s interesting that you say that, because I’ve never had that experience. I’ve probably smoked 15 cigars in my life, so the sample size is pretty small. That did happen with me with vaping, though. It gave me headaches when I first started, and after about 8 months, one day I just realized that I didn’t enjoy it and I quit cold turkey. It was nice.

I suppose it just comes down to individuals. I’d heard of people getting headaches from cigars, so I kind of expected it to happen to me, but it just never did thankfully. But that would certainly be a reason to stop smoking them!


I smoked one cigar a day till 5 years ago. Damn wimps with their not inhaling cigars and shit. You can’t blow smoke rings if you don’t inhale. Now what’s the point of smoking a cigar if you can’t do that?


Well everybody is different. Some folks can handle shit others can.
I bet I could shoot more smack then you. :tongue:


You shoot me you’d better be smoking smack first.


I may have ruined the joke, but I don’t know what you are talking about?


You’d said you’d shoot smack then shoot me.


Ok, got me on poor pronoun usage. My bad.


Can confirm. A good cigar is thing of beauty. And for my 2c on the original topic, the fact that you don’t inhale cigar smoke means that any chance of acute performance impact is pretty much 0.

I probably average 1-2 cigars a month, and have never noticed anything, whether Ive been training for strength or aerobic capacity at the time.


Real men squat with a cigar in their mouths.