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CICO for Fat Loss


Hey there!!
Is it possible to have a decent fat loss from applying the CICO theory? I mean, if I get to eat 3000 calories per day, but I burn 4000, it is still quite a deficit, right?
I´ve been eating like this for a time and I lift weight (powerbuilding). My lifts have improved. I´m training 5 days per week, and I have increased the weights in almost every exercise.
On one hand I´m starting to look leaner… On the other, Im feeling a bit uncomfortable because I havent found any other women doing this and i fear that my gluttony leads me to getting too fat without noticing. Is anybody else doing something like this?

By the way, the only cardio I do to burn all those calories is from walking, I normally do eat clean and I have been training for 5- years i a row.

thank you all