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CICO for Fat Loss


Hey there!!
Is it possible to have a decent fat loss from applying the CICO theory? I mean, if I get to eat 3000 calories per day, but I burn 4000, it is still quite a deficit, right?
I´ve been eating like this for a time and I lift weight (powerbuilding). My lifts have improved. I´m training 5 days per week, and I have increased the weights in almost every exercise.
On one hand I´m starting to look leaner… On the other, Im feeling a bit uncomfortable because I havent found any other women doing this and i fear that my gluttony leads me to getting too fat without noticing. Is anybody else doing something like this?

By the way, the only cardio I do to burn all those calories is from walking, I normally do eat clean and I have been training for 5- years i a row.

thank you all


I have 2 degrees in health sciences, and have managed VLCD’s for people who are morbidly obese.

The only way to lose fat is calories in vs calories out.

Anyone who is telling you otherwise, you should be very skeptical of.

The biggest danger that you face, and where most people fail, is that people seriously overestimate how many calories they actually burn in a day. (basal metabolic rate + whatever activity burns)

Keep a very detailed food log for a month, and then look at what the scale/mirror/lift numbers are doing. Adjust accordingly and you will make good progress.

Does that effectively answer your question?


Question is a year old.
Don’t hold your breath for a reply.


Totally didn’t catch that when I posted haha. At the least I hope that answer helps someone who may stumble across this dead thread who also has the same question.


Ha! I did the same thing moments after writing this! Whatcha gonna do? :man_shrugging:t2: