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CIA 'Torture' Lawsuit Thrown Out


CIA 'torture' lawsuit thrown out

A US court has dismissed a lawsuit brought by a German citizen who says he was kidnapped and beaten by the CIA.


"[...]The judge did not rule on the truth of the allegations, but said letting the case proceed might endanger security. [...] 'private interests must give way to the national interest in preserving state secrets'."

Just as a reminder: It is agreed that el-Masri was the victim of mistaken identity, and that he has never been charged or ultimately accused of terrorist offences.

My problem with this is obvious: An EU citizen get's snatched by the US, is moved about internationally, is never charged over months, then discharged because they finally figure out that they had the wrong guy, and then can't even claim for compensation or an apology for reasons of "national security". Whether he has been tortured is pretty irrelevant given all the rest.

I wonder how posters here would react to this scenario if it were an US citizen.

Any views?



We'd bomb the shit out of you.



That's what I thought. :wink:

Funny, I wonder why so many Europeans are so critical about the handling of detainees in the "war on terror".