CIA Hacking Everything and More



Maybe Putin and Kim Jong-Un can hook Assange up with some Vodka and 11 year old Russian Prostitutes…


Yep…it all really pisses me off, Skyzyks…!

What do you mean and? Did you see what we learned today alone?

I know I would much rather have this released to expose the unconstitutional bullshit rather than not have it. Who cares if it appears it only comes out about the US. Some info is better than none.

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I doubt this is a good answer but the difference (in theory) with those countries and the US is it’s more or less assumed (at least by me and some other people) that those countries already violate the privacy of their citizens on the regular - and that’s assuming they even recognize individual privacy/sovereignty.

It’d be like this: “Hey guys, didja hear China has been hacking their citizens’ emails and tapping their phones.”

To which the reply would be like: “…and? Tell me something I don’t know…”

I do agree with your point on Assange being an attention whore but the US is the biggest fish in the pond and this is rather juicy.


It potentially undermines our national security from real and existential threats for one.

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I can’t say that I completely disagree, John…

But it just seems hypocritical and one sided…and it pisses me off…

Polo…you also have a great point.

(I think I need a drink…)

For my own sanity…can’t we AT LEAST stop painting Assange as some “hero” of Truth and Justice?


I can agree with that. He’s like a useful asshole. On one hand, the inner workings and tools of the trade for our intelligence services should be left out of the public eye, in my opinion. On the other hand, they have virtually carte blanche ability to create and use these tool in ways that can be very harmful to private citizens.

Its like another evolution of pandoras box. The question it raises in my mind is- Should we trust them- the intelligence services and oversight committees, or not?

I tend towards not, simply because the depth and breadth of the operations that they carry out create an insidious air about the way we communicate. And they just keep pushing the envelope. From the original exposure of meta data analysis to this- they just won’t stop. It just seems that since the Patriot Act, there has been a continuous expansion of the surveillance state, and no end in sight.


But what they are doing is extremely illegal, nationally and internationally. Or is the CIA above the law now? I am pretty sure there is an old dirty paper signed a couple hundred years ago that said something about searches without warrants. If the government takes a PR hit, good, they broke the law. They represent us, maybe we should do something to rectify their activities.

You’re not wrong. And…this is why so many people were pissed at the Patriot Act. And with good reason–they saw it opening the door.

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Yeah. And the real difficulty is that you can’t create a gun that only shoots certain people. If you can use it against one, you can use it against anybody.

I guess I’d have to look back at the timeline of events, but it almost looks like the whole hub-bub about the San Bernardino shooters phones was a bunch of crap too.

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reminds me of Rahm Emanuel’s quote about not wasting a good crisis or some such hideousness

What specifically are they doing that is illegal?

Did this Wiki dump provide evidence that the CIA is spying on American’s?


Absolutely, if it’s necessary.

I have read very little about this Wiki dump so I really don’t know what has or has not been provided or whether it’s been authenticated (at least some experts believe it is authentic from what I’ve read). If the CIA is spying on American’s there should be serious consequences. However, there should be proof of a crime having been committed. That dirt paper also covers this thing called Due Process.

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Wikileaks is a good thing because the US government is currently the biggest threat to US citizens way more than any foreign nation out there.

I am glad they exist.

That was the FBI, though, right? I wouldn’t be surprised if the CIA wasn’t willing to share their toys, which I am 100% against fwiw.

I am SO happy Assange is here to protect us, that is just makes me want to cry…

You really need to learn how to make arguments

If part of “learning” is praising Assange…then being a little ignorant is okay with me.

They are survieling entire classes of devices in ways that circumvent/subvert FISA courts. They can effectively watch anything at any time without oversight.

The CIA would claim they are just gathering meta data and not “survieling” everyone all at once. They are just looking for patterns. So as long as what you say in front of your phone/tv/tablet doesn’t create a pattern, you aren’t being “survieled” technically. I’m not sure I buy that.

Basically they built a real life version of the machine from the Batman movie that Morgan Freeman destroyed because it was evil. This is literally the “telescreen” from 1984.

This topic hits my confirmation bias so hard it’s hard to think fairly about it. A government agency was given powers and proceeded to abuse them. Gee who saw that coming? Oh yeah those long dead founder guys lol.

I hope everyone is wrong about Trump being an unbalanced tyrant. Otherwise expect to see pics of Shumer eating bacon, Pelosi painting her face on etc… in the Donald’s 3am tweets.

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