CIA Hacking Everything and More

Was wondering what everyone’s thoughts were on this.

I’ve been posting about it for a couple hours not much interest because it Helps expose the Trump = stooge for Russia canard.

If this is true. They are hacking everything. They took what NSA was doing and did it bigger and better.

Remember there’s no FISA warrant needed if it isn’t targeted at one person. So if you hack all Samsung tv’s you don’t need a warrant.

The CIA can hack whatever device you are reading this on, right now. Without a warrant. Better behave. And stop picking your nose lol.

Most people will want to spend some time actually thinking about it. Unlike fucktards like @therajraj


I’d feel bad for the agent that has to listen to me and the wife on a given saturday afternoon.

It would go like this:

Agent X: Oh shit, not this again. I can’t believe he just said that. Holy shit, I can’t do this any more. (slide locks, BAM! splat sound, gurgling slurs, BAMBAMBAM because he had to make sure.)

lots of dick pics too…

I have to assume you’re receiving? If so … check your inbox


Are you assuming my sexuality…?

I don’t know about all that. The info is from 2013 to 2016. But at least people are aware of this.

Who leaked this to Wikileaks? Russians?

Got me. If their name was leaked I am assuming they would be hiding like the last guy.

The reports say the cia can mask it’s malware to make it appear as though it is coming from any country… Such as Russia.

If the CIA can do this why can’t other countries with respect to hacking?

One of the big deals is the proliferation of these “cyber weapons”. So um yeah.

It would appear so…

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Not in Elizabeth Warren’s America you won’t!

Well, in Lizzy Warren’s America we’ll all get our own publicly funded teepee so…there’s that


I’ll pose the same question that I seem to never get a good answer to.

Why are all of these “WikiLeaks’s” hacks…that are supposed to be so “great” for Democracy and “revealing the truth”; so U.S./West directed?

Where are the hacks of China? Russia? North Korea? Saudi Arabia? Iran?

Assange is hypocritical attention Whore of the highest magnitude…yet people get a hard-on if his leaks support “their side”…while the intelligence gathering if the U.S. is compromised on what seems a daily basis.

I choose not to celebrate this hypocritical bullshit.


U mad bro? Me and polo will fix you up with some pics. :stuck_out_tongue:


However you feel about wikileaks what’s not debatable is that everything they release is true

just awful they can hack world leaders all they want but mess with my Tinder account and you have crossed the line… How the F am I suposed to send D pics now at 3AM while high on Oxy and Jack Daniels??? This is BS this is not what George Washington would have wanted…