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CIA Finally Got Gaddafi




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Fox is reporting it's one of his sons.


I don't even understand why we are after Qaddaffi. Comparitively, the guy is actually a fairly decent leader, he's far better than that Lukashenko character. Check Libya's HDI.


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I don't even understand why we were after Hilter. Comparitively, the guy is actually a fairly decent leader...compared to Stalin.



So in jacking with with foreign people's internal affairs we choose to go after a guy who has favored empowering women, educating his population, making wide ranging humanitarian efforts versus Kim Jong Il who has literal death camps scattered throughout his country. Even compared to some of the guys we're friends with Qaddafi is a housecat.

I can't the method to the madness behind the US foreign policy. I see Qaddaffi topple as an opportunistic position, not a moral one.

Qaddaffi is not Osama, he is not Saddam, nor is he Kim Jong Il. He's not even as bad as some of our former bed partner dictators. The guy isn't Ghandi, but he hasn't been a shit leader, look at Libya's development under his administration, they exceed many European states in HDI. When you bring up 'oil money' don't forget it was Qaddaffi that negotiated the gas price in its initial hike from 40 cents to 20 dollars a barrel. The guy is not a malovent, he is a dictator, but he's not the evil guy they are making him out to be.


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I know about the 70s and 80s terrorism. That was addressed and he ceased to the US's satisfaction. They killed his daughter in that raid if you recall, this can change people's outlook alot.

If the USA is using that 70s and 80s war as the pretext for an illegal war through intervention in a civil war then that is about as credible as Iraqi WMDs. Something about justice, is you address it when it happens. The USA made the change and got the pound of flesh it wanted when Reagan bombed Libya. If a now past and amended event is the pretext for this invasion, then we should have invaded 15 years ago. To me such a pretext is absurd, when you say you are 'over it' you are over it. Words have meaning. I guess Israel should just invade Germany tommorrow to, because the new rule is, when you are 'over it' that means you an actually 'start tripping' when ever the opportunity presents itself.


The Koch brothers convinced the government to employ the CIA and US Navy to be rid of this guy. They want their property back. This tied in with the rising regional hegemony of Iran. Libya is an excellent base for us and there are no Straits of Hormuz to fuck with. Its a win-win. The disparate tribes can be dealt with using Italian 'advisors' (Italy ran Libya for many years prior to 1970).

This was a very good move on our part -- oil and an excellent staging area/base of ops.


We need to find cheaper ways of disposing with our enemies


Yeah Yeah I know. Everyone is Hitler. Every year is 1938. Saddam was Hitler. Iran is Hitler, Libya is Hitler. LOL! Take a look at your own government you drone. Who is the one that is torturing, sanctioning, occupying, and murdering people across the globe in the name of "freedom"? Libya did not threaten the US. Oh yeah, I forgot. That doesn't matter. The US government is the hand of God and is divinely sanctioned to march all over the Earth committing evil in order to destroy evil. Do you morons ever listen to yourselves?

Get used to the fact that there will always be tin-pot dictators across the world. This attempt to "right every wrong" has only led to more of the same. Hell, the US has installed dictators for crying out loud! And yes, all in the name of "freedom". Geez, how Orwellian can you get?


What are you smoking? I mean aside from everything other crazy thing you just said, are you LARPING? You realize Italian occupation of Libya ended 58 years ago right? Anyone who is alive from that period would be an alzheimer's victim. Aside from the fact that Libya now is a free self-determined country whereas before it was a colonial puppet of toady serfs and angry peasants. This is like saying that the USA should hire 80 year old Spanish men to direct our foreign policy towards Cuba.

Do you use cognitive reasoning or you just say absurd imperialist things for shock value?


Okay...I'll spell it out for you. Italy is nearly as broken as Greece. They need MONEY. Libya has a LOT of the best quality crude. But the USA can't run Libya for obvious reasons. So Koch brothers get their wells, Italy gets a huge cut for running the place and the USA has some 'well-placed' bases that'll be black budgetted.

Get it now?

It is NOT a nice world. The people running it would skin an old nun alive in the name of power, if they had to.


Just a few more wars, uh I mean "Kinetic Military Actions" and Obama's poll numbers might creep up.




You're still in La-La land, firstly cuz Italy is ballsdeep in the EU and thus doesn't have the 'give a fuck' attitude the US or Russia can have about international law. Italian consultants would be legally mercenaries as unless Italy delared war on Libya, their presence would be 100 percent mercenary per Geneva and UN designation.

Seondly occupying/pacifying Libya is a shit poor idea, but if it were too be done, it would be absolutely f*ing retarded to delegate the work to the former colonial power they got their independence from. You would not have a shred of credibility as a liberator at that point, and they'd rebel against you 5x as hard from both sides.


Okay. Who do you think Libya is going to use as an 'intermediary' in reaching out to the West? Hmmm...it has to be someone that wouldn't piss off all the Muslims...maybe be someone with ties already established...hmmm...who could it be?

And then, rebuilding the oil refineries and infrastructure...who has the expertise? I wonder...

Finally, who DOESN"T want Seal Team 6 paying them a visit on some dark night? Or seeing their credit cut off? Or seeing another sudden 'uprising' against the new gov't?



Monarch of Spain?


No you're assertion was about as logically sound as saying we would have had better control over Afghanistan by subcontracting the work out to the Russians... Do you really think they'd by that as being peacekeeping or humanitarian after you put their colonial abusive pimp back on top of them? Come on man, grow up and cede the point. You made an idiotic statement, at least you can own it.