Chutec: Laying Down a Smaller Log

Hi all,

having bulked pretty damn successfully over the last 8 months ive finally succumbed to a cut. see link for bulk log:

simply put i cant tolerate having a 39.5 inch waist and i always said i wouldnt hit 40, so its cut time.

January 2008(start):

weight 205 pounds
waist 35.5 inches.

leg 24
chest 43.4
flexed chest 44.5
bicep 14.5
flexed bicep 15.4

current (9 months later):

weight 235 pounds
waist 39.5 inches

BF 18%

LBM 192.7
fat 42.3

leg 27.5
chest 45.5
flexed chest 48
bicep 15.8
flexed bicep 16.8

i dont have a january caliper measure unfort.

in late feb i was 214 pounds at 17.3% = LBM of 177.

so since feb my LBM has gone up to 193 = 16 pounds gain over 8 months.

now i need to cut down to 10% without dropping below 190 pounds of LBM.

at the moment in in transition down from calorie surplus.

the real cut starts on september the 15th.

ill post my routine and diet then!

so far on my ‘phase down’ (no creatine, down from 4500 a day cals to 3800)

im down from 235 to 231.

Ill now start to phase out more carbs and expect to see further rapid weight loss due to losing water etc.

weight 230.5

waist 39 inches

taken it down to 3000 cals/day now

ooops bit of a big drop, let put it up to 3200


waist 38.8

Monday I start 3x5 starting strength 3 days a week.

later on I will implement lactate sessions.

currently walking alot (part of my commute every day)

still at 3200 cals, I have leveled off weight wise at that mainly due to the 10 day rest i had (essay prep!).

So now I hope that 3 weight sessions a week = roughly 2000 cal deficit a week for 0.5 a week loss.

if that doesnt start occuring ill take it down to 3k cals a day.

when that starts to slow down then ill add in circuit work.


waist 38.5

leg 27
bi 16
flexed bi 17
chest 44
flexed chest 47


chest 16
ab 21
leg 21.7

17% BF

230 poounds

190.8 LBM
39.2 fat

weight 226.5 woot!
waist 37.5


chest 14
ab 21
leg 22

227 pounds

16.5% BF

little blip back up to 227.25 and waist 38 inches,

probably due to the 4 or 5 drinks i had at the weekend !


37.4 waist


38 inch waist


chest 12
abs 23
leg 21

BF % - 16.2

LBM 189.7
fat 36.8


chest 10.5
abs 19.7
leg 19.3

bf% - 14.4%

lbm 194.6
fat 32.7

not sure why they dropped so low!

maybe a combo of miss measuring this week and last week led to exaggerated numbers.

well this is why im doing the simple caliper weekly, so that the average is spread to get better overall ideas.

so next week will either correct this one or show that the previous week was in error

weight 224.5
waist 37.5


chest 9.3
ab 19
leg 18.3

bf% - 13.5 !!!

lbm - 194.1
fat - 30.4

cant say im not pleased with that!

so thats 9 pounds lost over 7.5 weeks.

that more than a pound per week. taking into account my less than ideal circumstances (bloody busy with uni work) along with increased pressure to be social and drink too much ofc = big hiccups in weight loss.

but over all im moving down despite of this so I dont feel i need to change my approach.

once i get to 10% BF I may have to kick things up a notch but we will see!