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Chutec is Laying Down a Log

Im usually buzzing around fat loss posts throwing my 2 cents in, as I feel I have a lot to offer from my own personal experience.

In light of that im starting my log here for my coming cut, so that people could learn from it, and hopefully teach me a little too!


June 2006 - 322 pounds

June Dec 2007 - 196 pounds

1st Bulk --> March 17 2008 - 221 pounds.

out of those 25 gained I think about 10 are muscle, this was my first bulk and I learned alot but also made quite a few mistakes which added around 15 pounds of fat (I estimate).

Current stats after 10 days at low carb maintenance of 3500 cals (coming down from 4500):

Height - 6 foot 1

weight - 215 pounds

body fat -
SKINFOLD = 17.3 % BF
impendence machine = 22.1 % BF
waist, navel waist, hips, neck and weight calc = 19.6 % BF

god knows which of these to follow, so ill average the lot: 19.3% BF

So for the sake of comparison, im 19.3% bf at the moment, and Ill use this same 3 point measure at the end of this 2 month (-/+) programme.

This last week ive been slowly phasing out the carbs and strength training (5x5 starting strength).
Ive been phasing in: BCAAs, green tea, white tea extract, milk protein before bed - all this to help protect my muscle and metabolism in a low carb existance.

Ive been phasing in: Morning fasted cardio (brisk walk) - 30 mins, Waterbury’s 10x3 for fat loss and 10-20 mins post workout steady state cardio.

As of Monday the diet plan is this:

Workout day:

2800 cals (20% below maintenance)
250g prot
50g carbs (mostly green veg)
rest good fats.


Wake -

Supp 1: 10g BCAAs, 5g Creatine, white tea extract, multivit + water and down quick!

30 mins steady state (brisk walk)

Meal 1:
4 boiled eggs
1 cup low fat yogurt
1 apple
1 spoon ground flax
1 cup green tea
5 fish oil tabs

Supp 2: 10g BCAAs, 5g Creatine

meal 2:
150g turkey breast
200g green veg
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 cup green tea
5 fish oil tabs

meal 3:
150g turkey breast
200g green veg
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 cup green tea
5 fish oil tabs

meal 4:
150g turkey breast
200g green veg
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 cup green tea
5 fish oil tabs

Supp 3: 10g BCAAs, 5g Creatine

Workout (see below)

Supp 4: 10g BCAAs, 5g Creatine

Meal 5:
Venison burger x 2(400g total - no bun of course!)
200g green veg
1 tablespoon peanut/cocunut oil

ZInc and Magnesium

Meal 6(in bed):
30g milk protein

Non workout will be the same but with the creatine and BCAAs spread more evenly throughout the day.

The above totals roughly 2900 cals and i would sub in fish on non workout days instead of red meat for my evening meal.

Workout, simplified:

Sun: 10x3 for fat loss + stady state + evening HIIT
Mon: circuits(weights) + steady state
Tues: rest
Wed: 10x3 for fat loss + stady state
Thur: rest
Fri: circuits(weights) + steady state
Sat: rest

see below for more detailed breakdown:

Workout (fasted morning walk every day - 30 mins)

Heavy Strength (morning) - 10x3 for fat loss:
Exercises: Deadlifts, Chin-ups, Barbell Front or Hack Squats, Dips or
Decline Bench Press
Sets: 10x3
Rest: 45 sec
Load: 75% of 1RM (10 repetition maximum)
Decrease the rest periods by 5 seconds on Week 2. Increase the load by 1.5 to 2% on Weeks 3 and 4.

Alactic work (HIIT - evening).
Total distance 300-400m
E.g. 4 x 30m (120m total) + 3 x 60m (180m total) = 300m
3-5 minutes of rest should be used. The key is to be totally rested before hitting the next sprint.


CIRCUIT A (12-15 reps per set)

A1. Horizontal pushing exercise
A2. Quads-dominant exercise
A3. Horizontal pulling exercise
A4. Hamstrings-dominant exercise
A5. Abdominal exercise

No rest between exercises within the circuit (or as little as possible). Perform the circuit three times.

CIRCUIT B (15-20 reps per set)

B1. Vertical pushing exercise
B2. Quads-dominant exercise
B3. Vertical pulling exercise
B4. Hamstrings-dominant exercise
B5. Abdominal exercise

No rest between exercises within the circuit (or as little as possible). Perform the circuit three times.

  • 20-30 minutes of steady-state aerobic work

Tuesday: REST


Heavy Training
Exercises: Back Squats, Bent-over Rows, Romanian Deadlifts, Standing Military
Sets: 10x3
Rest: 45 sec
Load: 75% of 1RM
Increase the load by 1.5 to 2% on Week 2. Decrease the rest periods by 5 seconds on Weeks 3 and 4.

  • 20-30 minutes of steady-state aerobic work

Thursday: REST

Friday: same as Monday (circuits)

saturday: REST


I currently plan to spend the first 2 weeks very low carb (try and see if I can reach ketosis).
On day 14 I will clean carb reload.
On day 21 I will clean carb reload (depending on results this will be regular every 7 days.
On day 28 I will introduce HOT-ROX Extreme to kick it up a notch (earlier if iI notice im failing/lagging).

I will use 1 bottle of HOT-ROX( 1 month).

The total plan will last 2 months, by which time I hope to be below 10% body fat. ambitious I know!

If in 2 months I am not below 10% body fat, I will return to maintenance for 2-4 weeks and then return to cutting.

On my last cut I stopped early because I felt emaciated and weak. This time I plan to be VERY lean, so that future clean bulking will be made much easier.

Cant think of anything else to add!

Post Bulk front.

bigger photo of post bulk side.

and again

bigger front photo

I had a huge burrito for lunch. A couple of hours later, I laid down a log of my own.


Hey chutec, good luck, look forward to reading your log.

And congrats on the weight loss, very impressive.

How do you figure that 3500 is your maintenance? That seems way high.

Wow good work, do you have any pics from your 322 lbs era?

Here is a pic of me before.

I dont think there were any of me without a top, unsuprisingly!

3500 cals =

BMR of roughly 2200 from the harris benedict calc.

x 1.6 to reflect the 3-5 days moderate exercise , and 1 day heavy exercise that i will be doing.

also for the sake of maintenance calcs:

ive been keeping very close logs of everything on fitday.

Using weight fluctuations and working off the assumption that 1 pound = 3500 cals, I reversed engineered what my resultant weight loss would indicate my maintenance calories would have been.

using this on several occasions over the last year and comparing it to the harris benedict bmr calcs with activity multiplier, I can say that (for me at least) this calc is spot on.

today (easter), I went to town on the chocolate and completed my refeed day with lots of porridge with brown sugar. and a whole bunch of sweet potatos.

Now that thats out of my system and I feel sick, I think im ready for tomorrows start!

ill give me weigh in, and measurements tomorrow morn to kick things off.

heres another, i was almost constantly wasted at this stage.

chest 44 inches
right thigh 25
left arm 15.2
flexed chest 46
flexed arm 16

Waist size at narrowest point: 34.8 inches
Waist size at your naval: 37 inches
Hip size at widest point: 41.5 inches
Neck at narrowest point: 15.2 inches

weight 214 pounds

19.4 % BF

41.5 fat
172.5 lbm

right so after a 10 day maintenance period in low carbs:

  1. my muscles deflated a little = roughly 0.5 inches off each measurement (due to water loss i presume?)
  2. my LBM went down a pound, but i think this is actually reflecting lost water (which my rough calculations and measurments dont take into account)
  3. my fat amount went down roughly 4 pounds.

started the 10 days at 221, now 214 = 7 pounds (minus 4 pounds fat) - so thats maybe 2-3 pounds water loss?

for those of you wondering - I use the above measurements in combination with a couple of different online calculators to workout body fat, then derive LBM and fat from that.

its not the most accurate in the world, but the actual amount doesnt matter, only how the amount changes over time.

From now on presume that I will be following the above templates for workout and food. I will post in my daily update when i deviate.


[quote]chutec wrote:
Here is a pic of me before.

I dont think there were any of me without a top, unsuprisingly!


I saw those in another thread, excellent work sir! It makes it a lot easier to appreciate all the effort with pictures

day one all according to plan

dieting is easy when you eat a kg of green veg through the day lol

day 2
weight 214.25

creatine tastes like ass.

from now on ill be doing 3 x 5g a day instead of 4 x 5g ;]

day 3
weight 213.5

I might just put professor X’s name into my log.

it seems the mention of him in a title on this forum guarentees 100+ posts within the 1st 24 hours.

wether thats because his name attracts multiple posters, or because he posts 79 times himself ill never know.