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Church Bulks Up for Spider-Man 3


From imdb.com daily update.


Thomas Haden Church was shocked when
producers of Spider-man # insisted he work out intensely for over a year to prepare for a part in the film. The 45-year-old plays the villain Sandman and found it a shocking change after having to gain weight for his role in Sideways. He explains, "When I met with the (Spider-Man 3) producers and director last year they said, 'We probably need you to get in a specific physical shape for the movie. Do you mind taking off your shirt?' I took off my shirt and the director Sam Raimi said, 'We're going to need you to gain about 100 pounds of muscle. You've come here today with the physique of a fishwife and that doesn't fit into our scheme...' I gained a bunch of weight for Sideways, because the director wanted me to appear bloated. I thought, 'I'll make a special cocktail of beer and ice cream in the blender and it will suit this purpose quite nicely!'" Church began his intensive training for the role and is now in top-form. He adds jokingly, "I had to start working out last year, it's been about 16 months of five days a week lifting weights and all right...steroids!"




He needed to take steriods to gain 100lbs in 16 months??



These are old. So he must be bigger by now.


I'm sure it wasnt 100lbs and he was just exaggerating a tad.


Wouldn't it be as refreshing as a spring breeze to hear an actor say that one of the reasons he was able to throw 30 lbs of muscle onto his heretofore skinny frame in two months was steroid use?


You usually just have to gain 50lbs of muscle (if that) for an average person to think you gained 100lbs and don't forget lighting.


Haha, he got the shirt down pat, at least. Sweet!


Just in case you're not being sarcastic, that would be 6.25lb of muscle per month. Or 1.46lb of muscle per week. For 16 consecutive months.

Does Sam know what 100lbs of muscle look like, or entail? I like him as a director, but WTF!?


Yeah, thats a pretty ridiculous statement. 100lbs of muscle is retarted. It would take years to do that and some people could never obtain that figure.


[i]hyperbole n.

A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect, as in "I could sleep for a year" or "We're going to need you to gain about 100 pounds of muscle."[/i]

Church is a funny guy. I assume Raimi didn't call him a fishwife either.

But how do we know he was joking???


Right... He amended his previous statement about the director calling him a fishwife and telling him he needed to add 100lbs of muscle with a joke, which was the steroids part.

So did you have a point?


He actually only gained like 20lbs...wuss.