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Chunky Protein Drink?


Hello everyone, I was wondering if any of you feel like you're going through extra trouble just to prepare a protein drink?

I have the Twinlab 100% Whey Protein Fuel, chocolate one. Man, It looks odd. I tried mixing it up with my hand but still so chunky.... The sucky part is that at the end, parts are stuck to the cup and I have to scrub it off.

It said it was "is 100% instantized, quick dissolving and easy-to-mix."

Am I doing something wrong?!?

Thank you!


Blend it.

Alternatively, stop using the shaker like a girl.


Are you using a blender bottle?

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If you're using a shaker, and 2 scoops of the powder, mix one scoop with liquid first, then add the second and shake again. Should work a bit better.



buy a magic bullet, one of the best purchases ive ever made.


Mix it in a larger solution.


i have never used a protein powder , besides MAG-10, that i was able to mix thoroughly with a spoon

get a shaker bottle with one of those spring balls or use a blender


I don't agree about the spring balls.

My protein powder would form massive clumps inside the ball. Now that I've ditched all the balls from my shakers the only problem left is the slight clumping where the bottom of the shaker connects to the sides. Stupid right angles...


ohh true but that would only happen for me if i dumped the protein on the ball where the water wasnt completely above the top of the ball... maybe give that i try?


Hmm, interesting point. I always put the powder in first, since I usually carry the shakers with me to uni. I'll try it your way just out of curiosity at some point :slight_smile:


Thanks for replying guys. I'll try the blender bottle. Probably better idea than a blender.

So just to make sure, add the milk, or whatever liquid you use, FIRST and submerge the spring ball.
Then add the protein powder and make sure the protein powder does not touch the ball?


oh BiP, i just noticed your post is 666!


typically i put an inch or two layer of water at the bottle of the blender bottle, put in the protein, then put in the rest of the water. usually works like a charm for me.

also, that's a good idea that the blender bottle rounds out at the bottom rather than coming to an angle. perhaps i'll send them an email about it.


Or just buy Biotest

An idea



still gets stuck in the corners of a blender bottle... very few powders don't.


Yeah, but it's worth the effort of getting your toungue in those tight to reach spots for every last drop!



how long is your tongue stu? lol

i need a spoon to enjoy any caked on remnants at the bottom of a shaker cup.


Shaker cup, mix it with warmer water in just enough water to dissolve it, then add cooler if you like it colder.

Alternatively shake the fuck out of it, it tends to solve most clumpiness problems (most, not all).


in my experience only the low quality, inferior whey proteins mix up like shit, all chunky and stuff. whenever i buy the good shit it always mixes up with just a few shakes. just sayin.