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Chumps in Cruisers


So this is something I have noticed for a long time. Its only every once in a while but when I see it im like what the fuck. And I saw it today.

Has anyone else ever noticed that whenever you seee someone driving an old police car it looks like they belong in the back of a police car. You know the old cop cars that get sold at auction and still have the windshield spot light and ram jam on the front. I never see anyone other than shady looking people driving these mean mugging people.


Most retired police cars around here seem to either be driven by pizza boys or the elderly.

One thing i have noticed about vehicles and there owners though, is usually the bigger the truck the smaller the driver most f250,f350s,armadas,etc.. seem to be driven by guys who cant weigh more than 130 and they dont seem to be able keep the truck on there side of the road or within one parking spot.


They clearly have small penises


I agree, I always see losers driving those cars


So you drive a smart car?


I also think it amusing that everyone seems to think I you drive a big truck or muscle car your a little dick weakling. I have had both and am neither.


a shitty ford escort and a ranger.


I used to have this same opinion, however I am average height 5'10" and 230 pounds. Since I was a kid I always wanted a Tonka truck, so I bought a Ford F150 with 6 inch lift and off road tires right off the lot. I am not huge, but I dont consider myself small.
I dont define myself by my vehicle, I just like the fact I have a better chance of survival driving in Houston traffic in my truck vs a smart car. :slight_smile:


I've lost over $15.000 on 2 new trucks in the last 7 years, one my wife wrecked while she was sliding around a long curve on a gravel road (picture Daisy Duke in her Road Runner) the other was rearended, by the time the insurence companies pay out you lose a fortune, I told my wife from now she drives a $3-5,000 dollar vehicle and it'll be cash rolled when its bought, no more payments for me.

As for me I drive a $800 ford f150, thers a lot to be said for drive'n a old paid for vehicle, so...whats in your wallet ???


Ive driven a 2001 F-120 for 4 yrs. 250,000 miles and the white mustang is still going strong. Only had to replace my fuel pump. But pack to the main discussion. Those retired cars piss me off. One will be either in front or behind me and Im driving for like 10 miles like a 90yr old. Damn cars. Unless you see decal, its hard to tell.


We call them Jonny Bigtruck.


I cant wait to get my first big pay check so i can buy a HUGE truck and no longer have to worry about people wondering about my friend


That just cracked me up pretty good. Thanks.


I certainly didnt mean to imply that there is always a inverted relationship between driver and truck size, just that for some reason small guys seem to like big trucks for some reason.

People identifying(and identifying others with the vehicle that they drive) is certainly something that pisses me off, partly due to the fact when i drive my primary vehicle which is a zx2 escort(better gas mileage), i tend to deal with more assholes on the road (get break checked more,get cut off more, more general road/parking rage incidents which coupled with my shit temper has the distinct possibility to eventually get me in legal trouble, the most recent of which almost got my parking pass revoked at my university) while driving the escort which rarely happens in the ranger, which i theorize that people feel more confident with fucking with someone in a zx2 due to the fact that its kind of a grandma car.


I want a ford raptor, that's all I know.


No one can survive Houstons traffic. Were you down there (a few years ago) when everyone had to leave town because of the hurricane? If you were you more likely need to invest in a tank for shit like that. Or perhaps this Smart car/tank hybrid.....hmmmmmm


I don't care if you drive a big truck. I'm annoyed by those dopes who have the GIANT wheels on the small trucks, and don't do anything functional with them. Like if his friend asked to help him move (you know... because he owns a pickup truck), the truck owner refuses because he doesn't want the truck bed scratched or dented.

Also, if your truck is big, fine, we can see that. But I don't want to HEAR your rumbling attention-getter at 5:30 AM while you drive past my house on the way to the convenience store to buy your cigarettes and cup of coffee.


maybe you just drive like a jerk?


People will fuck with you no matter what when they're in the car (kinda like internet tough guy - extra polite in person but a badass behind the saftey glass). I get people wanting to cut me off or beat me at the stop light when I drive my vette.

Most people are like school in the summer time - No class!!!


Those people annoy me in the old cop cars as well, I see one all the time on 495 S and the guy is all over the place tailgating people and driving like a douche.

And I agree with Loudog 100%. No matter what you drive people will fuck with you. When I had my STI every boy racer in the world wanted to try to race, now I have a benz and all of a sudden people have a tendancy to cut me off and are very inconsiderate. I also have a dodge 1500 with a 6" lift and 35"s and when I'm towing things I can count on getting cut off by some punk, who looks right at me with the mean mug.

I sometimes wish I could just run into people. I bet they would think twice about driving like a douche the next time around.