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I'm looking to buy a pair of Chuck Taylor's, probably the hound's tooth ones, as they're the ugliest I can find.

However, I need to ask a stupoid question first. Do I need to get the high tops or can I use the low ones?

It seems like the high tops might interfere with full ankle extension on power snatchs/power cleans. Plus, the low tops are a bunch cheaper...


I have the high tops. They work fine for me when doing snatches, cleans, etc.


Get the high tops. They don't interfere, and they look strangely hip.


Hip? That's what I'm afraid of. I'm getting them to lift in, but somehow I know I'm going to wind up wearing them to class...

These are the ones I want.


LOL! You like those??? I think they're horrible!

Mine are sweet. Black with red stitching. They look cool, and I can wear them outside the gym too.


Hi-tops ARE hip. I have three pairs. Including a pink pair.

Try wearing those to the gym :wink:


You're right. Those are the ugliest f'ing shoes I've ever seen. Where can I get a pair?


If you go to converse.com you can build your own Chucks from the sole up. Costs a little extra, but you'll have a custom pair no one else will have.


Being ugly makes them cool...


Kinda like me. I'm so ugly I'm fascinating.


That's what I tell the girls :frowning: especially when I'm wearing my pink cons...


I just noticed the pink racing stripe...does that make me a girl?


I was going to buy a pair of Adidas O'lifting shoes but I keep hearing all this about Chuck Taylors for lifting. I'm not a competetive O lifter just some GPP stuff but I squat and dead a lot. The Chucks are definity cheaper. Which one should I go with???

Thanks, T


Grrr...Skull and crossbones are scary and intimidating...grrr...now go deadlift somethin' heavy.


Simple. Get the high tops...just dont lace them up as high if you feel restricted or want more flexibility.


Depends on your goals and squatting style. I lift better with a 2" heel on most things, so O-lifting or squat shoes like Crains or Safe shoes are perfect. Some people go ultra wide when squatting and need a flat sole. A heel is suicide on the deadlift though. Chucks are good there - deadlift slippers or wrestling shoes with a wide sole (like the Medalist) are better.



Thanks, I didn't even think about stance. I Squat Olympic style (Close footed butt to the floor) so a heel would make sense. Right now I use work boots, I should probably just stick with them, there just a pain to keep in my bag and I look like a dork in shorts. Thanks again for the info. -T


Okay, after designing a pair, I think my next pair of Chucks after I kill the ones I have will have to be customs. Of course, that won't be for twenty years or so; think Converse will be still offering the custom deal? Perhaps they will allow shipping to Canada then...



Where did you find those?


If you're not lifting competitively, I wouldn't get the O'lifting shoes simply because that's a lot of money to invest in something if you don't even need the extra edge.