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Chuck's vs Chuck II (High or Low)

So I’m realizing fairly quickly I need footwear better suited for squats. I did my research and there is a lot on ambiguous info out there…after all we’re all different and there is no one size fits all in the gym.

I decided to invest in the Converse Chuck Taylor. My question to you all is do you recommend the originals or version II and do you think high tops are better than low? Right now I’m leaning towards the orig lows. Original because there is less cushiony crap and low for personal preference. I’ve never purchased a high top in my life because I found them to restrictive and uncomfortable

Do you mean the “original” from way back in the day when they were used as basketball shoes? If so, then I’d say no. From what I could tell by the descriptions they’re going to be less comfortable.

I ended up with a pair of high tops with some padding around the ankle and they’re fine. They might have some cushioning but it’s more like having memory foam inserts—once you compress it, it stays that way. I don’t notice any give like with running or basketball shoes.

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I use a pair of leather high tops. I have the ankles of a chicken so I need the support.

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I ended up going with the old style hi top chucks…no extra padding. So far so good and ROM is excellent. I was just using an old pair of runners and I started having some right knee pain because it wasn’t tracking properly on squats. Knee pain is gone now and I was able to up the weight so I’m happy. Thanks for the input guys.

I would think it’s mostly personal preference. I dislike having shoes that go around my ankles, so chucks that don’t have stuff that go up to ankles for me.