Chuckin' spears at the flounder

Okay, I wouldn’t say I really “gored the flounder” this time, but I think I wounded it a little. Here’s the story (if any one is interested). Missed Friday’s workout to get a little sleep, as I was up pretty late Thursday night. Decided to do the workout Saturday instead. My normal is to do the workouts before any one else is awake, but this one was at 10:00 a.m. Opened with deadlifts, and everything was going great until the third top set. I belted and strapped for this one, took the bar, and just as I was pulling rep 3 the wife ventured into the room and asked a question. She normally knows better than to do this, but a lapse in her judgement caused a moment’s inattention on my part. Instead of abandonning the rep, I stupidly continued and “stacked the back”. That’s a term I use when you pull a deadlift with a rounded back, and stack the vertabra on the way up. I knew that was my last repp for the day. I continued with the rest of the workout, but just didn’t have the normal power. Now, here it is Monday, and everything from the mid-low back to the tailbone is screaming at me. Gotta get my sorry butt to the chiro so he can put me back together, as he has done so well in the past. So where’s the moral of this story? Maybe I’m just flapping my gums (fingers?) and no one cares. Maybe it’s a story to help remind people to keep form, no matter what. Maybe it’s just a “shit happens” story. Any way, I’ll post the results of the exam. Wishing every one peace and health. – brider

That sucks.

Barely anyone deadlifts at my gym but 99% of the people who do deadlift do it with a “stacked back”. I’m surprised no one has broken their backs at the gym yet. They also bounce the bar off the ground. I only know of one person other than me (at my gym) that uses good form while doing deadlifts. Even the people who work there use “stacked backs” and bouncing while deadlifting.

Sorry to hear bro. Good post though, reminds me to “stay tight” as timbo would say and keep good form on deads.

I know EXACTLY what you are feeling. I pulled a muscle in my lower back from deads and I took some time off and let myself get back to about 85% and went back full force. I pulled it again and had to stop deads for 6 weeks to let it heal completely.

My advice: rest it until it’s completely healed or you may be taking more time off than you’d hoped.

Thanks for the posts, every one. Here’s the update from the good doctor – won’t really know a lot for a couple more days. He tested some of my reflexes and looked for weaknesses, and found that my glutes aren’t firing at all. When I was lying on my stomach, I couldn’t even lift my leg off the table for him to test the strength. Hurt like hell. Any way, I can do light front squats and bodyweight squats relatively pain free, and I can ride the bike as well (tested it with a 2-wheeled commute this morning). I wasn’t given any restrictions, but I do have to ice it a lot (good thing the weather is warm in this area now). Looks like a good time to do some upper body specialization. Hopefully it won’t be a long road to recovery.