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Chuck Vogelpohl 1140 Squat


Sam Byrd who?


Fucking sick bar speed.


That was awesome, and his 820 deadlift was pretty sweet too.


wow it looked like he was almost straight legging those deadlifts up. Crazy back strength.


damn that's impressive, what did he total? And is it just me or did he wear just a singlet for the deads?


questionable depth on squats and if you watch he has a hard time getting his butt down when deadlifting which means he probably is wearing briefs under the singlet. He is an awesome lifter. I still believe it was very impressive.


I thought his depth was good - those squats were certainly sunk lower than Frankl's.


Yea they were questionable. Frankl's were HIGH. I thought the last one was good the first a little high the middle one lower than the first. I lift USPF if that gives you a little insight of what im talking about. The guy is still very impressive. I am not trying to take that away from him.


Fair enough. I agree that the last was the deepest of the three, but I didn't think any were obviously high. I'm still a bit of a newb to the world of powerlifting though, and haven't competed yet, so maybe I should just stfu for now.

One thing I'm sure everyone will agree on is that something was obviously rather strange with Dave Hoff's benching: http://i30.tinypic.com/287el4o.jpg


What is that? It looks like a he is board benching with the board under his shirt!!!! WTF


element_26 good luck with being a newbe. The best advice I could give you is do a competition asap. Find out where you are at and it will push you to get stronger faster. one day in a competition is six months in the gym when you are new.


i thought his squats were plenty deep, especially for the SPF and what they passed for frankl. frankls squats were fucking denver high. and in his last squat, the crease in the suit, which is very cisible at his hip, definitely comes parallel with his knee. and im curious to see if he was wearing briefs on the deads. even if he was, they arent going to help all that much.


Fuck yeah! I love the Body Massage GI Joe PSA.


Squats were not questionable. Maybe in USAPL, but definitely not for multiply and DEFINITELY not for SPF.

You do realize that he is allowed to wear briefs under his singlet when he pulls...so why bring it up?


What you just posted echoes my thoughts on the topic almost indentically.

As someone who has watched Chuck for many, many years all I can say is his longevity and ability to continue to make progress and challenge/beat/set records in any fed he competes in is awesome.

You just can't knock the guy.


best squatter ever!


Chuck is a monstrous lifter. Cool guy, too.

I only wish that he had done this in a meet that wasn't so tainted by judging issues.


I dont think that he put breifs on under his suit, it just dont seem like it. And those squats were great.


I'm about 99% certain he does, but its irrelevant.


Thanks charger, I'm planning on competing very soon to get some numbers on the board!

And the talk on PL watch is that Hoff had knee wraps under his shirt. A travesty if it's true.