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Chuck Taylors


i want to get some chucks, and my question is: what is the diiference between the high tops and the lows? i relize that the highs provide more ankle stability, but will the low tops work? what are your experiences?



I've lifted in both and noticed no difference in ankle stability. They're good shoes.


They'll work sure,.. I just tend to think that the low-tops are for chicks... mostly because they're the only ones I see wearing 'em.

And besides, why mess with a good thing.

Buy some high tops and if they piss you off too much and make your ankles too sweaty (I dunno), just take some scissors to them.

That's just me though, and I am a weird person.

 Freakin Chuck Taylors man!!

When I played basketball that was all that was out there (yes I just dated myself).

 You can't go wrong with either but I like the hightops....


High tops offer no ankle support. It's canvas. Your socks give you as much support.

It's all about the look and style. And off all the sneaker* styles out there, it's one of the nicer ones.

*Sneakers for sneaking. - Grandpa Simpson.


Over here the only people wearing chucks are 'alternative' chicks and guys,and me.


I have a cousin that wears a green pair of chucks. He also wears green socks, dark black pants that hang to his mid-calf, has chains everywhere and is about as much of a weight lifter as a piece of paper.

THat's who I see in chuck taylors around here. Never see them in the gym. Might buy a pair once I get up there in weight. Don't want to pop my nikes.


I have a pair I bought recently to use on lifting days and I love them, especially for things like squats, deadlifts, cleans, etc.

But I noticed something odd about them: on the sole, they are not just rubber, but in places there is an almost felt-like material. Any idea why? For the most part it makes no difference, but when I was doing bench and trying to dig my feet in for additional leverage, my feet began to slip from that felt crap on the gym floor.


No difference in my experience.

My "low tops" are all blood-stained and cool looking though.

Whatever floats your boat.

Dan "CHUCKS" McVicker



You can custom make a pair.


I can't seem to find my size. I see them in catalogs, but when I order they say that they don't make them. It is a pain in the @$$.


i see punk rocks wearin' chucks , but i wear em with a white t-shirt and baggy jeans or khakkies. great shoes for lifting through


A few weeks ago I found some Chucks at Ross dress for less for 12 bucks. Olive green high tops (with flames, baby). It seems that the high tops make no difference in ankle stabitlity at all. I just did full range calf raises last night and had them laced to the top. I did spend an extra 6 bucks for some arch supports though. It is easier to get back on the heels when doing the power movements. Bang for buck, I don't think you can beat em.


I was just sitting here checking out that felt like material. The only thing I can think of is that being designed as a court shoe it must aid in pivoting and turning. I'll be benching tomorrow but I have thin rubber mat on the floor. I get right up on the toes when digging in so I'll see if I slip then. Any other thoughts on the odd material?