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Chuck Taylors


Its my bday soon! I bookmarked this in my computer a few months ago and i wanna get this as a bday present


Cant wait to squat in them! But my question is how long will the chucks hold up if i wear them every time i need shoes(school, work, going out, in the gym, etc.)? My current shoes have holes in them at the heels so if i buy these shoes i'd be using them all the time.


a while back i was looking for a lifting/everything shoe, and i went with adidas sambas. great flat sole for lifting, casual also, and imo a much better looking shoe than converse allstars. also they are the same price. those sambas are worth ten bucks in my honest opinion. ive always been a huge shoe fan, but as i got older i wanted to have a shoe i could do it all in. my main focus in life besides college, is lifting. i went with the sambas and havent been disapointed yet.


IMO Its best to use these shoes just for the gym. If you use them for everyday use they will wear down fast.


i've had my chucks only a few months and they're starting to fall apart.

i think im going to buy a pair of Asics, for the gym/work and another pair just to wear also.

cuz asics are fresh


I want these:


Just get another pair of shoes, it really is not that cool to wear the same shoes for everything.


I second what chris says. Do you really want to wear your sweaty gym shoes for school and work too?


Yeah, if you wear the Chucks for everything they will not last very long at all, plus they will stink!

There are other shoes out there that are just as good if not better for lifting in than Chuck Taylors.


Look around a little more like at footlocker or spots like that. You can find them in the 25-30 dollar range. Get two pair then. But I'm with the other guys on this. You don't want to wear the same shoes outside in the rain & snow or mud then use them to squat in.


IMHO, I love my Vibriam Five Fingers barefoot shoes... After I got a few pairs of Injinji socks to go with them I fell in love and wear them basically every day other then when we do steel / aluminum pours and I have to wear my steel toed leather shoes...

I've had them for 7 months and they look new, only thing is get them a size smaller as they stretch a little after about two weeks...




If you want a durable Chuck Taylor type shoe check a pair of wrestling shoes...I've had a pair for years that I wwear everywhere.....i squat barefoot tho


Nike free 7.0 are great too.


Here, here! Sir, you need to listen to your brothers! As someone whose spent most of his life on his feet, I can tell you whole-heartedly that wearing the same pair of shoes (doesn't matter the type) for all purposes is a huge mistake.

Now I'm not telling you to go out and get a different pair for each one of your outfits, but you definately need to get different shoes for different activities. You wouldn't wear a pair of CTs to hunt deer with would you? (now don't get all literal, its just an example!)

So, amount of funds withstanding, get yourself the best quality of shoes you can afford for the different things that you like to do.

You've only got one pair of feet! So, unless you want to walk with a hobble when your older, you'd better take care of them.

Semper Fi


I wear the same shoes everywhere for the most part. I am amazed at those of you who apparently only sweat in the gym and no place else. Last week it got over 98 degrees around here and felt much hotter. Why the hell would I want to sweat all day in dress shoes when I can wear the same Nike Frees that feel better and let more air in?


I don't like chucks for every day wear, but I'm older and suffered weight bearing changes over a 24 year career. I just wear mine for squats and deads and opt for something with more support at other times.
Been using my current pair for about 7 months and they seem fine.


I want the new chucks with extra lines, I would buy them if I didn't already have 2 pairs.


Chuck Taylors. I wore those as a boy back in the 60s. No way am I wearing those cheap stupid looking shoes NOW.

Besides, I squat wide stance and have wide feet, and Chucks have terrible lateral stability. And from some of the pics I've seen, very large men look utterly ridiculous in Chucks.... kind of like a hippo in ballet shoes.



I didnt know you were an expert on coolness. I actually wear one pair of shoes for almost everything. So i guess that mean i'm really uncool D:


My feet sweat normally, but during workouts they're literally drenched. No way am I going to put those same damp shoes back on after I'm showered and dry. Of course I don't wear dress shoes.



You wear wrestling shoes everywhere? I actually already have wrestling shoes from when i use to wrestle and i use them. But i thought it was only good for deadlifts bec you are closer to the ground. I usually use the wrestling shoes for squats also but my ankles start to roll when i push my knees out hard and I thought the chucks would fix that since ppl say its so great for squating