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Chuck Taylors or Wrestling Shoes?!

Any preference between the two? And why?

I’ve been lifting with chucks, but have seen others with wrestling shoes. Is there any extra benefit there?

They’re pretty much identical. They’re both flat soled shoes.

Since I wrestled, I can’t wear wrestling shoes when I lift, because I spend the whole time freaking out over the fact that I’m wearing my shoes off the mat. That’s why I wore chucks.


Chucks for me as well. I actually used to squat in Vans skateboarding shoes which are broad and flat, and grip the floor much like chucks. I upgraded to Chucks for the extra ankle support.

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So you prefer flat sole shoes to squat/olympic shoes? (for squats)

wrestling shoes have ankle support for a wide stance sumo, conventional deadlift aqua socks if they still make, loke neoprene socks with thin layer of rubber on bottom madefor wearing at a beach to keep safe if you step on glass etc.

A lot of guys are wearing the Reebok flat soled boot with the heel “cup” (name escapes me) and only have good things to say.

I’m currently wearing the addidas originals and I really like them but I still squat in Oly shoes.

Chucks by a whisker: I feel like I’ve got a solid side to push my feet out into with Chucks that I don’t with wrestling shoes.

I absolutely prefer weightlifting shoes to chucks when I squat, but that preference is very dependent on personal squat mechanics. How strong are you? If you’re fairly new to powerlifting, I would use chucks, at least until you’ve developed solid, consistent mechanics. If you eventually come to the conclusion that weightlifting shoes would be a better fit, you can switch, but I think most people should use chucks for powerlifting.

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I got some adipower shoes and just used them today. I’ve been in chucks for about a year now. I love both, but the adipowers are awesome for squats