Chuck Taylors and Foot Pain

I’ve been using Chucks for about 95% of my gym trips in the last couple of years since I really got into deadlifting more often. I even started wearing them more outside the gym too. But in the last few months my feet have been fried and I think it’s from wearing shoes that are basically socks with laces. Sometimes I get a hard slam when doing power cleans and I know that can’t be good for my unprotected feet with my body weight x 2.

I also do quite a few unbroken double unders wearing Chuck Taylors.

Anyone else experience this? I hate to wear my regular old Nike shoes, but it’ll be interesting to see if my feet don’t hurt as much after a few weeks of wearing a shoe with stability.

At home inside and out I’m barefoot 99.99% of the time. My feet, ankles, and calves hurt when I go back to work and start wearing shoes again.

You need something to support your arches. Chuck Taylors are great for doing deadlifting but pretty awful for wearing the entire day. Just wear them for deadlifting and your feet will thank you.