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Chuck Taylor Slims?


I recently decided to switch back to a flat sole shoe after experimenting with a heel for a few months. My old chucks are falling apart and I need to get a new pair, but I'm not sure whether to get the regular classic high top chucks or the slim version of them (the sole is only half as thick):


I'll be doing squats and sumo deads in them. I'm leaning towards the thinner sole, but I thought I'd better get some advice before deciding. Thanks.


If you keep the insole in, the sole is NOT half as thick - the insole comes in higher into the upper than it does on the regular chucks. This also makes the shoe fit tighter in the toe box. If you can deal with no heel or cushioning whatsoever just take the insole out and then you have a very thin soled shoe.


How do you take the insole out?


Reach in and pull it out. It should be lightly glued to the rest of the sole, if it is attached at all.


thanks for the tip. ive never even thought of that