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Chuck taylor and benching

Finally got a pair of canvas cons and am well impressed with them so far especially in squatting.

question is, what’s the est what’s the best way to position feet for benching with chucks on? usually i would try and rotate my feet into the floor but since the chucks are more stable, should i be trying to push outwards like when squatting?

any help appreiated


I put my feet under the bench and usually end up on my toes… I don’t really wear chucks when I bench though… they don’t seem to help much. And I don’t like walking around with those things on all the time.

I prefer to wear a shoe with a bigger heel when benching. In some powerlifting organizations you have to keep your feet flat on the floor and the heel helps me get up on my toes more while keeping the feet flat. Helps with the leg drive.

there is an article here at t-mag that will help you with this isue, however the name slips my mind at the moment.

honestly i dont think there is any hard and fast rule for foot placement. everyone is different, has varying limb lengths etc…

my recommendation is to experiment and find the foot position that gives you the most drive. i use my feet to press my back into the bench. it will take some experimentation to get the “feel” for it.

Dude dont where Chucks when you bench, you need to get a good pair of basketball shoes with a high heel or a pair of work boots, where your shoes untied when you bench this way you can push up on the shoe while the shoe stays on the ground, this way you wont get called for moving or lifting your foot…Big MArtin

I am weird in that I prefer Chucks for benching. Everyone gives me a hard time about it, but I feel more comfortable trying to drive my heels into the floor with my feet out in front of me. It helps me drive my traps into the bench.

I’m with Peyton. I just don’t wear my usual shoes (flat like Chucks), for a bench session. I prefer to keep my feet flat.

Big martin

Be careful with that techniqe under IPF/USAPL, as they are getting wise on it, and will make a call on the subject :slight_smile:

(9 fukin times)

it’s sped bench day tomorrow so I’ll try a few different combos of feet position and shoes.

Looked over at elite and here and couldn’t find any solid info on fot placement so experementation looks the best way.

cheers for the advice