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Chuck Taylor All Stars

What’s this I hear about Converse going out of buisness??? My brother went on a ski trip & by mistake took one of his boots & one of mine (one that I lift in) & brought home someone else’s pair, so now I don’t have anything to lift in. He said Converse went out of buisness, so no more Chuck Taylors. I’m going shopping tomorrow (well before Monday) to see how Chuck Taylors feel, do I need to stock up or what?

Converse still sells a lot of Chuck Taylors – unfortunately for US-based lifters, they sell most of these in Japan. Fortunately, they are available on-line, and should remain so for a long time. FYI - I just returned from a trip to Japan. They sell Chuck Taylors all over the place, even from roadside stands! I was surprised, as no store anywhere near my house carries them, and I had just received mine in the mail.

They are available on-line at www.converse.com

I bought a pair of Vans skate shoes from West 49. I forget what type of Vans they are but they are great for weight training. They are really solid shoes.

your brother seems to have shoe issues…

you can get them at most meijer’s

I just got a couple pairs at a store in town. The guy said he sells tons online at www.shopbc.com/chucks He also said that he’s heard that people are saying that Converse is going out of buisness, but they’re not. They just got bought that’s all. I asked if he was hoarding them because he had so many in the store & that’s what he told me.

My brother probably didn’t get up until 5 minutes before he had to leave, so he was probably in a big rush to get out the door. That’s why he took whatever boots he could he could find. :slight_smile:

Got mine from american athletics.com. $35.99 for canvas hi or lo. I ordered one pair and they sent me a 10% off future purchase certificate-I would call their customer service if you want to stock up, they may cut you a deal. There was also some kind of disclaimer sent with the shoes about Converse reorganising (or something) so it didn’t sound like the company is down for the count yet.