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Chuck Rangel Convicted



Not that it means anything other than a surge in his popularity, a raise, his own holiday, a reality TV show, and all types of other goodies that are reserved only for democrats when they are convicted of nefarious scams.

Of course if Chuckie Rangel were a Republican, he would have been drawn and quartered on live TV, and his remains fed to hungry rats. The double standard on the left makes me nauseous sometimes.

Here he is whining about being denied a lawyer, which only makes this guy even more pathetic.


When you mentioned a surge in popularity, a raise, a TV show and other goodies for being convicted of nefarious scams, I thought you were talking about G. Gordon Liddy or Oliver North.


Its the Democrats eating there own in the process. Its all for show, he is still going to maintain his seat. Just verbal reprimand and his voters will continue voting for, he is just being told that he has no more power inside the Dems party.
Where is Al Sharpnot and Jessie at, this is clearly racism, trying to bring the black man down. If this was a majority Republican House in power as of today there would be hell to pay.


He is such an immense piece of shit in every aspect of life. That is all.


Oh, Jessie and Al will rear their racist heads in time.


I heard Rangel did do some good things for his district but like any man with power it eventually corrupts. What I do not get is why people in his district keep on voting for him overwhelming? That district is very poor and only a few benefit. Here in Dallas in a poor district where I live in, which is all black just like Harlem people keep on voting for this dumb lady who hands out scholarships to her family members via personal checks. It befuddles the mind.
Her opponent was a black pastor who was labeled a porch monkey.. I do not get why the minority keep siding with them.


They don't come much slimier. He also needs to do some squats.


I wish someone could seriously explain this to me:

When is the "line" crossed between "ethical" and "unethical" conduct in the Congress?

(It appears that it is mostly a case of when a person or persons labels it as "ethical" or "unethical").

Who did Rangel piss off, or forget to pay off, in Congress?



In Washington, ethical means you got away with it and unethical means you got caught.


I like how he got relected with 80% of the vote. GOD DAM WHAT A BOSS


I would imagine you attract a lot of friends AND ememies the longer one is in Congress...

Rangel may be a case in point.



When they decide to run for Congress.


i love how the tax evasion was pointed to "sloppy accounting", as if I would get any leniancy for my "sloppy accounting" and forgetting to pay the IRS. I dont get whats so hard about someone who WROTE TAX legislation to pay their fucking taxes. rent subsidized campaign office in NYC hmm...i know firsthand how much rent costs there and good ole charlie gets rent subsidized campaign office. Yet ignorance is supposedly forgiveable in his case. Fuck that, people are in jail for FAR LESS. Fuck this guy.