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Chuck Parker Starts a Log


Thought I would start a log that hopefully I will maintain in the future to help track progress and give insight to my programming if that interests anyone.

roughly 4 years lifting experience

3/24 pressing workout:
Kinda shitty day to start my log but thats just lifting, had some bad shoulder and back pain going on so I cut my bench session short before I got to working sets

1x6 @295, had planned on doing 4x6 at 315 today but couldnt setup tight so I made the smart decision
strict OHP 1x8 185, 1x5 195, 1x4 205
chest supported rows 4x15
3x12 dips
4x15-20 rope tricep extensions
4x10-20 EZ curl bar

including some bonus gym selfies from a few weeks back


Awesome, you seem like a big strong dude and you're always helping out people on the forums, so in on this. Always neat to get input from other taller lifters.


Thank you, I dont know why it took me so long to start one hopefully I can start tracking my progress better. Being taller has had its drawbacks figuring out the best way to squat and deadlift but I think its helped me learn a lot more about lifting in general. Preparing for my first strongman event so this should be an interesting couple of months.


Pause squat and stiff leg DL's today

went kinda easy on the pause squat today as I recently switched to flat soled shoes and a higher bar position and need to feel it out
2x5 @365
1x20@315 no pause

stiff leg DL

4x15-20 hamstring curls then called it a day.


Worked a little more specific to the events of my first strongman event, push pressing for time. At the event its 60 seconds which might as well be an eternity so I did what I could for 30 secs and will move up to 45 next week

1x12 @205 pushpress 35 seconds
1x10@205 pushpress 28 seconds

single arm DB push press:
1x10 100lb DB
1x8 110lb DB

After that played around with Zydrunas press only worked up to 4x5@135 as i was pretty spent at this point

finished with 5 sets of tricep exentions 15-20reps
and front and side raises to failure sets of 10-12


Forgot to make two updates, deadlift day and upper body accessory

Low block pulls:

Stiff leg deficit DL:
365 3x10

hamstring curls 4 sets
high rep goblet squat with a 80 something LB KB


Upper body accessory

Incline bench:

strict OHP:
1x10 185

BW dips
3 sets of 10-12

front and side raises 4-5 sets each
tricep pushdown 4-5 sets
skullcrusher 3-4 sets


Did some more event specific training today, went kinda light as I haven't recovered the greatest the past few weeks:

185x15 pushpress in 33 seconds
185x13 pushpress in 28 seconds

Yates rows:
275 2x12

Single Arm DB pushpress:
2x8 100
1x10 100

Single arm DB strict press
3x10 80

band tricep extensions, front and side raises to failure.

Sounds alot like my previous day posted they are just out of order. My general week looks like:

day 1: Heavy lower body (squat or deadlift variation) and the opposite movement as assistance
day 2 Rep upperbody (lately its been all OHP) with some bench variation as my 2nd movement
day 3: Rep Lower body (same format) and usually do rows on this day too
day4 Heavy upperbody or for time, followed by single arm OHP

day 5 (optional) upper body accessory work, grip and core


Front squat: (havent done these in forever decided I should stop avoiding them)
4x6 @ 255
1x10 @ 225

Stiff leg deficit DL
3x6@ 405

hamstring curls 4 sets of 12-15

Feels good to finally squat without hip pain as I tore my hamstring in December and just the past month have I been able to squat decently. Deadlift hasnt been a problem oddly enough as long as I do conventional.


Did a light paused bench and OHP today as I plan to go heavy on push-press later this week:

275x5 paused
315 5x3 paused
255 2x10 close grip

155 3x10 just to get some blood in my shoulders

High rep chest supported rows
4 sets

lat pulls: 4 sets

ez curl bar skull crusher 4 sets

rope tri pushdown 3-4 sets


Strong stuff dude

Mind getting into your training history a bit? where you started, what programs you did, what you made your best progress on?


Thank you for the compliment and of course I don't mind at all

When I was about 18-19 I started training MMA 3-4x a week, I was pretty undersized. About 6'1" and 170lbs soaking wet. This kind of led me to transition to strength training even though I had no clue what I was doing. I kind of fell off the wagon during college, and then fucked around and joined the army in 2010. I deployed to Iraq in 2011 and began lifting more seriously, I was about 195lbs.

I basically followed my own program I guess you could say, a normal week would be squatting 2-3x a week, sometimes leg press and front squat. Lots of back work with dumbbells and pullups. Bench and OHP 1x a week. and Deadlift once a week. I usually was in a low rep range for about the first year of lifting. I deadlifted 500 the first time after training about 8-9 months, my bodyweight was up to around 220.

After that I got a little more specialized, did mostly sheiko 29 and 37, and ran 531 for about 6 months or so. I think the best progress I made was just from frequency, I started benching 2x a week and deadlifting on my squat days as assistance. I did my first powerlifting meet in 2013 @242 (though I weighed about 235) I hit a pretty shitty squat of 440, benched 344, and hit a 623 deadlift. So this was after about 2 solid years of training.

Currently my training resembles the cube mostly, as I alternate my deadlift and squat weeks (heavy/light). Also around this time last year (weighing about 250) I decided to move up in weight as I was still lean and having a large bone structure I didnt think 242 was my weightclass anymore. I'm now around 273 morning weight, remained as lean as I was last year and all my lifts have gone up, tested my maxes over winter at 600/405/700.
if I had to pick exercises that I believe helped my 3 lifts the most:
squat: heavy back raises, stiff leg DL
bench: seated BB OHP and weighted dips
DL: paused DL and front squat

Im gearing up for my first strongman event in June so my training is a little different now but I still have to deadlift 800lb before I can step away from powerlifting completely

Also I think the best advice I can give for beginners is to do a ton of back work, do upper back everyday you lift. It will pay off by giving you a thick set of lats, rear delts and traps. If people are concerned with looking like they lift this is a good place to start. My arms grew without ever doing arm work this way.


Tweaked my back pretty good deadlifting on Wednesday just warming up with 495 so I had to call it quits. took a few days off and went in today and just did a high rep shoulder and arm workout:

4-5 sets of front and side raises 8-12 reps
seated hammer strength OHP 4x10 with 2 plates a side
50 bw dips
3-4 sets of rope tri pushdown
3 sets ez curl bar skullcrushers
and all kinds of curls.

Had originally planned on resting today but I just wanted to do something to get some blood flowing and improve my mood as I get pretty agitated being sidelined


awesome dude. thanks for the write up. I kind of spun my wheels for awhile, but I've kind of stumbled on a lot of the things you mentioned, the higher frequency, upper back work daily, and it's really helped me.

What's your most 'troublesome' lift? And what did you do to improve on it? Do you have any videos of you lifts? Obviously you out weigh me by a ton, but tall lifters aren't the norm so I'm always trying to see how longer limbed people tweak their form to accommodate weird leverages.

Sorry to bombard you with questions lol


Most troublesome lift would definitely be the squat, just a combination of mobility problems and injuries have made it pretty tough to progress for me. My squat has only taken off in the past year or so, I remember squatting 495 about 2.5 years in pretty easily then I had a broken ankle that kept me off for a good amount of time. What helped me the most was just finding what technique worked best for me, which I know is an open ended answer but it wasn't a specific thing that did it. In a meet in early 2014 I tore my hip flexor in a squat that was misloaded and I took a step back and evaluated everything I was doing and rebuilt my squat to hit the PR at the end of the year.

Squatting success for me has always been driven by volume, I do more volume than most people I see. I like to squat sets of 10-15 regularly, after a couple heavy sets.

this is my youtube channel with just a couple deadlifts on it, it has the video of my 700 miss which I hit 2 weeks later but didn't get on video. You can kind of see the progression a little on my sumo form too but its definitely a work in progress


Wanted to test out my pushpress today, only started doing these about 2 months ago and have always had trouble over head pressing so all in all a good day. Although I cracked myself in the chin and chipped a tooth on a warmup set haha

pushpress: 185x5, 225x5, 255x1, 275x1 (pr) heaviest I've ever attempted but it moved pretty fast so I'd say im good for about 300, will try again in a couple weeks.

close grip bench: 3x15@225

chest-supported rows 4x12

tricep pushdown 4-5 sets

single arm seated DB press 70lb until failure


Went kinda heavy pulling conventional from the floor, probably wasn't the smartest after my low back fiasco last week


Tried my hand at the car deadlift simulator with two parallel bars wedged in a rack only worked up to 4 plates per side as it felt off

Barbell rows

4x15@ 225


High rep strict press today and a little bit of dumbbell work

Strict press: 2x10@185

Single arm DB pushpress 110x2x5 had to stop here and didnt work up to what I planned due to some right shoulder pain, will hit it next week

Rear delt flies 4x10
rope tri pushdown 4x15
2x20 EZ curl bar curls
20 mins on stationary bike


Yea man, I have to weigh the empty ends down with a sandbag. I know a lot of guys use heavy dumbbells as well


Ya saw your setup on youtube seems more stable than what I rigged up. Just positioning myself around the plates was the problem we both seemed to have