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Chuck Norris Passed Away!




so fake.


Haha man, HOW COULD YOU TELL?!?!?!?


Ok, hadn't noticed you couldn't read the article, that is half the fun. You can find the image here:


May be fake, but damn funny. I had to reply as I saw a little spread on ole Chuck in the April '06 stuff magazine. It went on about the greatness of Chuck, definate good for a laught.

I think the thing that makes it so funny for me is that my dad idolized Chuck as the texas ranger and though he could be that cool and sauve. Also there is an extensive list circulating the internet about Chuck that is worth a read.



Chuck Norris will never have a heart attack. His heart isn't nearly foolish enough to attack him.


LOL. that is some funny shit! I always knew he was a heartless ninja from the depths of space.


That's a good longevity strategy.

Frighten your heart into submission.


Most of the time if you right click on the image and "view image" they will enlarge at their true resolution in another window (if it was submitted at a larger size). Try it on this threads image and you will see you can read it.


lol - I should really have known that! I am an IT Consultant after all! :slight_smile:
Oh well.. Next time I'll put that in the caption..