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Chuck Norris is Dead




Lol. Fighting 3 ninjas, some sex, some working out and a train? Wow, He's like an uber segal.


Pretty funny. Nice job on the website. Convincing in appearance.


Getting hanged by the cut-rate cables of the Total Gym would have been a better story.
Hopefully, Christie Brinkley would be next.


that really made my heart drop a little bfore i read the article


Chuck Norris doesn't die... Death "Chuck Norrises"!

Now I'm not sure what that means, but its definately true.


Aww d'mon dude, you know it had to be a joke, Chuck isn't ever going to die...


Exactly, like elvis, he'll just go home. :wink:


That totally got me! I yelled at my buddy across the hall here at work before I read the article. I've been punk'd.

Chuck Norris once died so he could roundhouse death in the face. He then came back to life and ate a sandwich.